Should teachers be allowed to give their political views to children

    I have been told of two teachers this week, who after the Election in America told their children they were teaching that there was going to be a third world war , because of the result. The children were 9 and 12 years old, and went home really worried and upset. I advised the parents to contact the local education dept, or write to the Secretary of State for education. What would you do ? 

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    A classroom responsibility is to provide education of the course materials, not to indoctrinate minds of mush with personal opinion.

    Students  generally respect and believe their instructors. What that teacher did was "deplorable" and possibly needs some serious disciplinary action; it would not go unnoticed around here.

    Part of the problem of the growing number of "college-educated" progressive/liberal/socialist young adults is the editorializing of those like minded professors who overstep their duty.

    I don't care if you don't like the results of an election. Throwing a tantrum with your buddies that destroys property and threatens society is not peaceful demonstration. It's a riot, and should result in arrest. Find the culprit paying for this activity (George Sauros) and throw his billionaire butt in jail for bribery and conspiracy.

    This whole 2016 election process has shown the self-entitled, disruptive nature of one party, burning flags and bullying in general. 

    Oh, back to the question.... First, I'd  visit the teachers and get their versions of events, IN the principal's office, WITH the principal present. If the explanation didn't clarify the situation as a misunderstanding by my kids, I'd file a grievance with the school and the school district or meet with the teacher.

    ....legally, it is the first step in due process

    I would file a grievance with the school's Board of Education. I would probably also confront the teacher and tell him/her that I will teach my children political views.  

    Just goes to show how much certain people did NOT want trump as a president. All said, it is the teacher's job to teach respect for the higher office ,  no matter who is running it. Something we all could use a lesson in. The teacher doesn't have to teach love or who to love, just RESPECT .....

    Need to teach the teacher something he/she will never forget. The teacher is a coward . Check into the background of the teacher, you will likely find something the school doesn't know of. Tell the teacher you hired a private investigator to search the past. The teacher is threatening your lifestyle and family life, don't just sit there . You can also have the teacher investigated yourself and nobody will ever know. This is all about good against bad ideals. You are good , protect your kids against these liberals. Your kids future depends on it. My guess is the teacher has a bad past from a previous teaching school. I would really like to know what you find. Good luck to you. Do it. 

    if the teacher offers both sides of the argument (views).

    Certainly not to 9 and 12 year least wait until they are older to teach about politics,,but only the way politics operate,not your personal opinion..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Unless you're a robot, a person's personal opinion will always enter into any discussion on any topic. Teaching politics only needs to have someone who is willing and able to teach all views.
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    It is not hard to teach how a government is run and elected and how politicians pass bills Quacker,that is not an opinion,simply facts on government workings..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    back in about 1960, my brother's 8th grade teacher old lady ,told his class the same thing....she said , " There's going to be another world war . I can feel it in my bones "   He was very upset and so was I . My mom said  she shouldn't have told the class that, but she never complained to the principal or school district or school board, or anything like that. 


    I remember being told in school in the 50s that WW3 was likely to start any day, but that was true. It was during the Suez crisis , and it really was very close.

    Sunny, when I was in the 7th grade, the Cuban crisis started with the U.S. and the whole world teetered on the brink of a nuclear war. I was scared to death and figured I'd never grow up to get married an have babies, b/c I'd be dead pretty soon :-(

    Yes mcm I remember that too, I had just started work then, and some of the 18 year olds I worked with were expecting to get called up any day. I lived about 15 miles from an American air base then called Wethersfield, I remember reading a book in later years called The Cold War, and in that it said how planes had taken off from there for Cuba and Russia, loaded with Atomic bombs on board . Just shows how close we all came to it, good thing Kennedy had the guts to stand up to them.


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