Trump is home..

    Britian had people power,and now USA,,what do people think will happen now,,the pollsters and the pollies have got it all wrong,,but the people did not..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Can you rephrase this into a question?
    terryfossil 1

    What do people think will happen now Bob..????I know the first thing that happened was the share market crashed,i will not know how much damage has been done to my Super till tomorrow..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, the Aussie share market dropped 35 billion when first announced Trump was elected President Elect,in less than 24 hours it jumped up $50 Billion, your super will be more than safe.
    terryfossil 1

    I just checked super Kent,it did not bounce anywhere near that much,,but you are right,i think it will come back..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    What will happen now is that a very slow process of returning this nation away from the past eight years of corruption. It will not be easy, but the end result will benefit the country.

    ....move the ego out of the way and get to work.

    Terry, Clinton left her supporters without a wave or a word. Trump's acceptance speech was gracious and filled with plans for a better tomorrow .  He has a Congress with Republican majority, so sensible ideas have a good chance.

    In demoncrat infected California, bills are passing to release prisoners, take revenue from grocery stores, legalize pot, put restrictions on 2ND amendment rights, and cigarette taxes that fund a new government bureacracy. THIS place is in trouble.


    and democraps want late stage abortion.....which is murder

    I agree, MCM. Most, if not all, late term abortions are by choice, not a matter of health.

    I think I will comment by saying oooooooooowell, sorry for your luck. Time for disgruntled Hillary supporters to hold their nose like i did for last 8 years. Democrat voters changed party affiliations and disagreed with democrat ideals by voting for Trump. Probably because they realize not much is working in the government. Especially Obama care premiums doubling, insurance companies bailing out, thinking its wrong to abort babies any time, companies leaving the USA. I have never heard of a woman complaining of equal pay. Certainly the women we pay to clean our house.  

    Unemployment is done to 4.9 (can't copy and paste, sorry), eight years of hard and thoughtful work down the drain. There goes Roe vs Wade, insurance for 10's of millions, the rights of ANYBODY wanting to emigrate to here, employment for many, woman's health, woman's right, equal pay. I could go on  I'm looking forward to the barrage of argument I'll get here (not!). Here comes no gun control when it comes to purchasing a firewall arm, right, background checks for any immigrant but none for the psycho buying the weapon, a huge wall but nothing between Canada or our coastlines, bigotry badges to be worn like medals, and a first lady (I use the term lightly) known only for her nude though professional photos. What kind of examples are we now facing?


    This post is a perfect example of what someone believes who has chosen to restrict himself from objectively researching for facts, and instead immersed himself in what he wants to believe, which is the worst of people who have respect for the American dream and the American way.

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