Did your cat ever pee everywhere on the carpet ? How did you get him / her to stop it ?

    I've tried everything from moving the litter box around to spraying the carpet with vinegar (to discourage her) to giving her more attention- - - to closing the doors to certain rooms. Tried to take her to a no-kill shelter ,but they said they wouldn't take a cat with peeing problems.......then why are they a shelter ? 

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    Oh, and , no, my cat always uses her litter box.

    4 Answers, because they stay in the barn.

    No. There may be issues for your cat and the litter box, litter, location of box, cleanliness of box. kitty may also have a lower urinary tract illness.

    Changes in your home might also cause this behavior. Even a female cat will mark territory.


    I already said I moved the litter box around and keep it clean. She's prob jealous of my sig other, b/c that's when her peeing prob started.

    I took the time to research my answer for you. If you have already figured out a correlation with your sig other and the cat's behavior, why are you even asking.
    Your cat didn't like your Mr. Wonderful months ago. Sounds like it doesn't like you, either.
    country bumpkin

    MCM, you may want to consider dropping off Mr Wonderful at the shelter. (joking)

     You've said you tried everything, but nowhere have you mentioned that you have taken the cat to see a veterinarian.

      The most common reasons cats pee in the house are due to medical issues.

     The cat may have a kidney infection, kidney stones, UTI, bacterial infection or Diabetes.   The cat is more than likely in severe pain and should be taken to the vet immediately instead of you trying to dump him/her off at a shelter.  

     Have you considered changing your avatar name!


    That's a good and fitting reply, spot on.

    yes, I took her to the vet. He didn't cath her ,or whatever , to find out if she has a UTI, but he did give her the antibiotics.......which I gave her.She's never been in severe pain. She's happily playing with the toys that I am playing with her .
    country bumpkin

    I'm only answering to what you stated in the question you asked MCM. If you had taken the cat to the vet then why didn't you mention it before, don't you think this is important information for us to know since you are seeking help?

    I also mentioned medical concerns, which go unheeded. Every answer gets ripped apart and she cries foul.

    The solution that guarantee's success every time is really quite simple: don't throw the cat out, throw the carpets out.

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