The FBI are having another look at her emails,,do you reckon they really have something this time..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    It sounds like she may be in a bit of bother now, even if she does become President, she has a lot of questions to answer. I watch a report on Fox news, they report on things that our lefty liberal TV channels don't let us see.

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    The people voting for Hillary don't care about state secrets, but to the FBI maybe now it is. How did Anthony Weiner find out classified material. Hillary staff leaked it. She did it. She has proved to be weak now it shows more . Finally , my mother gets the drift about her. She told me she will not vote for her now. 85 years old and finally getting away from the dark side. I will take her to McDonalds for a happy meal today. She told me she already voted, but went up to courthouse and found out early voting not started several days ago. I would love to see a female president. But not her. She is an untrusted lying politician.


    There haven't been too many straight Presidents occupying the White House in my time and I even had my doubts about my favourite, Ronald Reagan, who first made a name for himself as a Hollywood actor, a fitting role perhaps for President of the USA.

    I always said too, that I would like to see a woman president, but not Hillary.

    They must be desperate to have "The Donald" for President.

    terryfossil 1

    You do not think they are desperate going for Clinton Roy.????,,i reckon the clintons have got some illegal things stashed away,if they are not in power they cannot hide it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Honestly, Terry, I think it's ALL a load of BS, I'll be happy once it's over, DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA, some friendships are actually ending because of all this S^$T, SAD!
    terryfossil 1

    You might be right,at least it is helping keep AKA alive,,that's gotta be good..right.???.>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..


    Muslim is not racist, its a religion ! Not being racist at all. I made no reference to his biological background .

    ....recalculating, recalculating.

    I'm sure they had something the last time. They tried to sweep it under the rug.

    They may have a bill to reckon with.

    The actual statue states, if you give away state secrets ,recklessly or gross negligence, you cannot hold federal office. She could be indicted for criminal conduct.

    Clinton and Trump are both abhorrent. that these two are the main candidates for potus shows how low the bar is in the US now. The "7th Floor" has been paving the way for Clinton since way before this freak show of an election began. The shadow Corpocratic powers will allow nothing to get in the way of agenda 21, 2030.......




    Hillary ,  Smillary, I'm tired of this circus , he said , she said , they want . At this point I only care a little and will be so glad when it's over . I'm not so small as to rub y'all's faces into anything .........

    I don't think her emails are any big deal.


    Neither do I, big hoo-ha bout nix!
    terryfossil 1

    Then why did she delete them AFTER she was asked to show them..she is hiding something that would damage her election chances,they are saying in Aussie the vote is 45% to 47%..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I delete all my emails daily, I don't read them all, most of them are crap, same old same old, this is American politics at it's worst.
    terryfossil 1

    I get regular emails from and Geek,,only ones i read..and yours of course,:):)..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

     Can't see how someone with criminal suspicions hanging over them,  could stand for such a high office.


    I can't either but both (''criminal") candidates are still running. Amazing isn't it? I guess an election cannot be cancelled and started over?

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