Do you have a lot of vinyl LPs just lying there gathering dust!

    In the early '80s, I was bitten by a Bug which turned me into a Freak and I have remained one ever since. To be precise, this bug, stemming from the hifiitis family of bugs, is better known to us as the Hi-Fi bug and once bitten, that's it, you are a Freak forever. The average Tom, Dick or Harry is not aware of just what a wonderful sound the vinyl LP disk is capable of reproducing. To appreciate this you require at a minimum the following High End components: Record Deck - Pre-amplifier - Power Amplifier - 1 Pair of Speakers and last and most certainly not least, the LP Record. So remember, if you want to be a Freak, then get the Bug. One other thing, with an application like Vinyl Studio (google it) you can de-bug any records you have and remove any clicks, hisses etc. and at the same time you've digitalised your music.

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    I had a nice collection of LP's until my first husband and I split the sheets, he sold (traded) most of the albums before I could retrieve them. What few I had left were damaged over time because I moved house so often. :(, donated them years ago.

    I have a few left, most notably my Joni Mitchell collection, other than that my ex has a few, and I donated a lot to a charity I used to work for.

    Not anymore....all gone many, many years ago.

    I do! I do! And a radio/cassette/CD player/recorder to transfer the LPs to CDs. 



    i do as well MsBOB, i purchased one of those retro record players which have the current electronic accessories, they produce a great sound, i bought one sometime ago on your recommendations, Thank You.

    Certainly have, approx. 100 plus which includes 45's. i normally play the vinyls  during the week when i'm working outside in the garden or something. The sound is so crisp and clean. i keep the record player in my garage and i play it Loud, there is something  magic about  playing vinyls.--- MY NEIGHBOURS don't complain as i listen during the week when they are at work.     :)


    I hope they never get sick and have to stay home for a couple of days. lol

    No. They are not gathering dust. They're inside of a closed off cabinet........

    yes I do. my better half plans to give and sell some of the L.P.s.


    Hey! There you are! Everything okay I hope.

    I certainly do,i even have some old 78's..i gotta put them on dvd one day..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..Image result for 78's records photos

    I have a whole bunch of old vinyl record albums and 45s. I even have one of the original Beatles White albums .........with the raised serial numbers on the front

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