All worldview questions... heaven, hell, homosexuality, universe etc.

    The very first question to ask is, do you believe that the Bible is the true word of God. If you do, then the
    answer to your questions are easy to find. If you don't then it's all fair game, subjective and one wild free for all!
    If it turns out that we are held accountable and have to give an answer for what we did and said and believed in this life...
    I sure hope we have thought it through, because when that silver chord is severed, it's game over, no do-overs right?

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    Some of the newer bible versions have become the word of man and his opinionated interpretation. Some such as the New World Translation, were purposely mistranslated to support the aberrant doctrines from the Watchtower. The original manuscripts are the inspired word of God, which was transcribed by scribes and copies were thoroughly checked for errors. And yes, no do-overs.


    As we all would Tita, ask your church leaders. Ask the Vatican. Tell them it's time to fess up, lying deceiving men that they are.
    You first btw, you go get all the original scripts and texts and transcribe them for us and prove your bible of today's is exact to the writings it was created from. You can not prove it either.
    Why is the word homosexual in the bible when it was not invented as a word until the 1860's? Why is it in the bible if the bible is exact to the original scriptures and verses and stories?

    So what youre saying is that the questions,meanings,values and morals we tend to live by ~ i.e right and wrong has no meaning if it isnt handed down from you don't kill because life is precious and youre robbing a family of a son,mother or sister.You don't kill cos god said not to n you gotta keep in with god.I'm sorry but that's pathetic n no wonder the bible mentions shepherds n the flock so often if you go around behaving like sheep.think for yourselves,make your own minds up thats a wonderful,powerful brain in your head not a pound of mince so why not use it instead of being spoonfed your morals n beliefs

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