Looking for a guest speaker for our "Harvest Banquet", I found myself at the local Armenian Heritage Museum. It was interesting to learn Armenian inventors hold the patents for (1) automatic transmission, (2) needleless inoculations,  (3) MRI, (4) concrete mixers (the kind on mixer trucks).

    Do you have an inventor in your ethnic family?

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    My mother's cousin, Dr. Willis Potts, invented the operation that save many a child's life. They were called '' a blue baby''. A blue baby is what they used to call a baby that was born with a hole in their heart between the chambers. In the late 50s or 60s, Dr. Potts was written up in an article in the Readers Digest on how he enabled this one girl to live . She was elementary school age who had started out as a '' blue baby '' If you know of anyone who had a child that had open heart surgery when just a baby, ( and I do ), you can thank my mom's cousin for that.

    Oh lordy!!!  Too many for me to type.

    Scottish Inventions & The Canny Scots Behind Them

    Roy took the words straight out of my mouth.

    In my actual family, yes. My cousin, at last count, had over 20 patents. Unfortunately, he invented things while working for a big company, so he wasn't compensated as he would've been had he been self-employed. 


    Cool! Is he credited with something recognizable outside the workplace?

    Yes he is :"credited" with at least one recognizable thing that is found in millions of homes and on restaurant tables. The company took all the glory, since he developed it while working for them. When he turned 60 or so, the company decided that he was "no " longer needed". . He told me "I WAS the company".

    OK, I give up. What is it?

    Unfortunately, I can't disclose it here. We're on bad terms with each other, and he might find out that I posted it here. Tracing the patent trail would might lead back to him and he might give me grief. Next time you come to NY, we'll do lunch; it might be on the table.


    Yes, most notably Frank Hornby, Liverpool's famous inventor, manufacturer and entrepreneur! He was the father and brainchild of those wonderful children's construction sets, the Meccano and if by any chance this doesn't ring a bell then check it out on Wiki. Yes, for me it was the Rolls Royce of toys in my childhood.

    Nothing mentionable has ever came out of our family background.


    What about your ethnic family?

    What about haggis with Texas barbeque sauce?

    No nothing.

    ....not, that I am aware.

    Aussies can lay claim to the clothes hoist,and the black box..( even though it is orange )..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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