"Peaceful" protestsin the USA

    that include looting, burning businesses, trampling Police cars, blocking traffic, injuries, arrests, and now a protestor possibly killed by the bullet from another protestor's weapon...

    What do you think the reaction would be if one of our presidential candidates took the opportunity to condemn the violent demonstrations and destruction?


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    If one of them did condemn the riots then most of the decent law-abiding voters of America would vote for them, wouldn't they?

    DANG......... you ain't gonna win an election that way.

    If Trump did he would loose many votes from the Black community. Hillary wouldn't because they all know she would be lying.

    ....peace in/with God is missing



    Thank you for responding with this thought, but it doesn't seem to be an answer to my question.

    ....admonition will be welcomed and rejected by those who identify with one philosophy/circumstance or the other. Variables such as economic, social, educational, theological, racial and even parenting affect reactions.
    ....opinion : only God sees our hearts.

    Yes, that's all true. I feel there's still a skirting of a direct answer, but it's your perogative.

    ....if their answer/condemnation does not affect morals/ choices, there is no effective answer.
    ....what "fix it" or recipe will be accepted ?

    I thought Trump did condemn them . One killed, well then one less democrat voting. Just shows there is consequences to ones actions.  Let them keep killing each other. Its their right to protest, so let them .


    I don't care for the collateral damage.

    they call the riots, " protests "  b/c it sounds nicer, but where i come from , we had the Detroit riot in  ' 67 and nobody called it " a protest "  You might say it was my H.S. graduation gift. Even we, here in the suburbs, had a 8pm curfew.And Charlotte has a 12 mn curfew. They  might as well not have a curfew if it's going to be that late. 


    Thank you for responding, but you haven't answered the question. I'd like to read what you think, especially since you've been in the middle of this behavior.

    I think law abiding citizens would welcome condemnation of riots from  a presidential candidate whether they be black or white, there will be always violence as long as the so call protesters carry weapons.


    What? Rocks, bricks, bats, fire bombs, that what you mean by weapons?

    we're not supposed to call them '' riots'' . It's not politically correct. We're supposed to call them " protests ''

    I'm not going to call a porcupine a bunny.

    If you can kill someone with it, it becomes a weapon!

    Actually, I suspect very little would happen. The presidents supporters would praise his forward thinking and his detractors would excoriate him for his hollow promises. Human nature is what it is and has been since we evolved enough to form governments. Cynical, I know, but history supports my cynicism. All we can do is continue to try and control the negative elements that are intent on corrupting  what usually start out as peaceful demonstrations. 

    If they shot the guy and he did not have a gun,,peaceful rally's will always be taken over by frustration,,but as i said before, because most people in USA have a gun,,the cop wants to be the first to shoot,i would not want to be black in USA..there are good blacks and bad blacks,good whites and jumpy whites,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Thanks, terry, but you missed the question. A peaceful rally?

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