Taser, the British way, no lives lost.............

    OK, he never had a gun, but they're difficult to buy here, I know what most of the opinions here are.

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    ....opinion : a much better option


    If only!

    In 2015, 49 people were killed in the USA by police using tasers. My opinion is that many times police use them far beyond the manufacturers recommended time duration and repeated use. 

    The incident is nearly 3 years old, but shows how useful a taser is at close range.  Doesn't change my determination to protect our 2nd amendment,  though. 


    We still use them, they don't KILL anyone, we also have SWAT teams, when ABSOLUTELY necessary.

    We have them, too. My son even has one.

    Oh, gosh, I guess you haven't read the latest on police shootings. The guy had his hands in the air, was complying though he walked towards his disabled vehicle (which is why he went towards the cops) and the man cop shocked him and at the same time she shot him dead. I'd love to hear her side of the story....  Did you know that only 17% of Americans own 50%of the guns? Interesting.

    terryfossil 1

    D***** if i know JH,i do not get the problem unless there is a lot more not being said,he is supposedly unarmed leaning on his vechicle with 4 cops around him,you can see him get tasered and then shot,,2 cops then look like they check the passenger side of vehicle,then 3 of them walk backwards so as not to appear on camera,except the bald guy,he looks like he is running the show..i do not know who is guilty,,but the cops are certainly hiding something..keep an eye on the bald guy,at the end it looks like he motions for the camera in the car to be turned off..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, and others who may read this comment:The National news reported Crutcher did not comply by keeping his hands where the officers could see them. I can't understand why so many officers responded or what prompted him to be tasered or shot. I hope this investigation is quick and thorough or Tulsa may end up in ashes.
    I don't see a reason this man was shot.
    terryfossil 1

    If that is correct Bob,why shoot him on the ground after he was tasered..??????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Something doesn't add up. I can't see where shooting him was necessary.

    So far this year, 122 unarmed people have been killed by police in the USA.
    terryfossil 1

    Flip,if you kill an unarmed person with a gun,doesn't that make it murder..??????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

    Terryfossil 1: Apparently not, if you're a cop with a corrupt law enforcement system.
    terryfossil 1

    Flip,you cannot call the whole system corrupt,i would like to think the majority of american cops are okay,,maybe their training system needs looking at..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    They are, Terry. It's the exceptions that get the notoriety, on either side of the fence.

    Tasers are a good way to save life,,we have them in Aussie,but there have been the odd time where they cannot be used or they do not stop the offender,,i reckon they are good to use against a non carrying gun offender,,..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. 

    How many times did UK cops fire their guns in 2015?

    Scroll down.












































    7 times, that is 7 per the whole police force, not 7 times per cop.

    terryfossil 1

    Haven't they only just started carrying guns Nom..????>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    UK cops are normally unarmed, but armed officers are available when needed.

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