Has anyone been to the beach lately and where?

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    We went to Cadboro Bay this past week and it was glorious! Crowded with people from all over the planet just having a good time ... have you been to a beach lately?

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    Not lately. Bout a year and a half ago we went to Daytona to visit the wife's brother. We don't really have a beach close to us. lake Erie would be the closest.

    A couple of Decembers ago we went. I'd made plans with reservations with a friend who backed out last minute. So a 12 hour bus ride, a taxi ride and we were at the beach. Surf, sand, wind and a nice room with shower. Good food and times. S great time to visit. Well met strangers instead of passing just people.....

    ....Venice, 3 weeks ago

    April 2015, Jupiter Beach, Florida for step-daughter's wedding.

    March 2016, Newport Beach, California for daughter's wedding.

    Both were joyous times.

    I live on the worlds largest beach. West Texas !!

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