Has anyone seen a great live performance of anything lately and if so what and where and who etcetera?

    The last 'live' performance I witnessed was a glorious performance by Storm's old high school Jazz ensemble who just about rocked the theatre down... they were spectacular having won Gold in a recent competition led by an awesome Jazz teacher Rick Robson. How about you? Seen any great live acts lately?

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    ....We saw and heard the Pope speak a couple of weeks ago at the Vatican.


    How cool was that? I hope you have some memorabilia from that visit ... too cool!

    Nothing recently, but I'll be seeing a Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera here in October! 


    You will enjoy Phantom of the Opera, saw it in the West End, London, fabulous. :)

    The others have seen it, too, and happy to see it again. Our seats are excellent. It's always a wonderful evening at the theatre!

    A couple of almost years ago we saw WICKED! Live, on stage and two rows back of the orchestra! We saw what people in back couldn't see and as we learned later at a separate date, the high ups saw a lot we couldn't. It's an orchestrated musical that must be seen twice for the full view. I guarantee you you'll cry it's so beautiful and powerful.....


    Sounds really cool Jewel!

    So cool and I'm blessed to having been given those $$$ tickets. We got to watch them spitting on each other as they sang! Beautiful, powerful, repressive, impactive and darn good. We have the CD in the car as I type! Yes, it was wonderful, magical. Take me away good...

    It seems like only yesterday, but in fact it was the 15th of January and the venue was the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf. The principle performer of the concert was the clarinetist Sabine Meyer with the London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO). She played Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A, one of his last compositions and a favourite of mine, which I must have heard hundreds of times. My next ‘live’ concert will be on December the 31st in a cinema. It is a live performance of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Sir Simon Rattle and linked up to cinemas worldwide. It will be something new for me and naturally I am a little curious.

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