How old is your bed? Is it comfortable ?

    Mine was not. Was 13 years old. Is time for new one. Bought a Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Copper from Sears. Looking forward to better sleep. 2,100 for box springs and mattress and free delivery.

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    Our bed base is 20 years old, but it's a flat solid base. We bought a new mattress about a year ago, that's the third mattress, we have managed to make the last two last about ten years each. It took about 6 months for this one to get comfortable, we turn it over about once a month, and around about every two months, it's very comfortable now. I think we paid about £700 for this one it's a Hypnos.

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    Time to turn the mattress here too.:)

    We've got you beat Sunny, LOL.... Our solid bed base is 30 years old, but our mattress is only a couple years old.  It is not the most comfortable bed I've slept on, but I do saw a lot of logs. :)


    What saw logs in your sleep, be careful cb.
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    LOL...I sleep fine, Roy has to use ear plugs. Yikes!

    Old bed that I had as a kid, newer mattress but it's still not very comfortable.

    ....don't know how old

    .... I still sleep well after all those years

    Mine is probably 5. It's hard foam atop a standard box spring. I generally sleep well.

    12 months old ensemble, my wife likes it and it cost about $1100,,and i have no idea what brand..but it is better than a park bench..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

    I bought mine from an online site for about dollars.  A little too firm but added some plush with egg carton foam rubber. It's great and hard to get out of in the a.m..  It helps that I sleep like a rock.....


    Bagpipes do not wake this woman!
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    Today, the annual Children's Gala is being held in the field behind our house, I could hear bagpipes being played earlier today.

    I love the whine of bagpipes. McLane High School (Highlanders) in Fresno had bagpipers . They had a red, white, green plaid for their school colors.

    It's quite old, quite pretty and very comfortable.


    None of my cats have complained so I guess it's up to scratch.

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