How do I wash transparent, yellow stains out of my underwear without stretching it out/ruining fabric? Smells bad, urgent?

    I woke up this morning getting prepared for work, and as I was about to take a shower, I noticed a raunchy smell seemingly to be emitting from me. I checked my undergarments and I noticed there were large, yellow/clearish stains on the crotch area of my boxers. It smells really bad and I need help how to wash them out without stretching them out or ruining the fabric. I am tight on money right now and I am currently not able to buy new boxers for myself nor a washing/drying machine (the laundromat where I live is VERY expensive.)

    Please help, this is urgent and I don't know how to wash them out? I am a male.

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    You may have an infection, too, if this is an ongoing problem.

    Tide has a pod that is a detergent and fights off odor. I had washed some things repeatedly for my son, and that finally got them smelling good.

    Re: buying your own machines....what you spend per month at the laundromat may be darned close to a monthly payment on your own appliances. Give your time stuck at the 'mat some value, and the transportation may be a "wash" and a good investment. 

    Click on this link and read carefully.

    I could not find a reliable method to wash by hand but changing your underwear more often may be the best method.



    You have more problems than your underwear. Better go to doctor now..

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