Do you often do something stupid, then feel embarrassed?

    Last year the interior (dome) light in my vehicle stopped working. Today I decided I'd fix it. Bought a new bulb which didn't fix problem. Searched the owners manual for the fuse that controls that circuit (wasn't listed). Adjusted my bifocals so my old eyes could better see the light fixture. Found the switch which controls the light (off/on/on when door opens). Turned switch on! I was a service technician for 43 years..... duh!

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    Yeah Flip,i priced an alternator for my exercise bike,,$600,my next door neighbor who is not the brightest in the bunch,says to me ,"why do you not just replace the bushes in the alternator,$40 or thereabouts.."i have done that with car motors since i turned 18,,but this time it never crossed my mind,,my next door neighbor is now a genius..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Most days yes.

    Like asking the you matter you energy questioi? But it was funny! 

    No thease boots were made for walking,,

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