How much money is needed for happiness?

    hundred, thousands? for all life? or how much you must earn?

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    Enough to have food, clothing, shelter and some spending money, without having to figure out each month, exactly what I have to do without. Speaking from a past time in my life, financial stress is exhausting.


    Dab my brow ... faintness becomes me ... darn I know exactly what you mean Ducky.... me too.

    That time in my life is over. I hope the same for you lindi. :(

    I'm happier going for a cost-free walk around the neighborhood with my son's 5 children than spending $30+ to take them to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and hour at the play place.



    I like that too. My girls will always remember the free apple trees round the corner at our old beach house place and the wildlife we would see and in summer when suddenly all the empty cabins were full of laughing vacationers ... it sounded like a mardi gras in the evenings with beach campfires going and glasses tinkling and tons of bursts of laughter.... all just from going on walks around our neighbourhood!

    That is a happy memory!

    And it didn't cost a dime Bobby! ;)

    According to this article a living happy wage would be about 75 grand a year >>>,9171,2019628,00.html


    ....we are blessed.

    ....and happy

    Money will not make you happy,money will make you comfortable,While i was in Peru i seen some family's that did not live very comfortable,but they had clean clothes and a beaming smile,they were happy with their lot in life,happiness is a state of mind,have you ever heard the saying"as happy as a pig in mud",uncomfortable home,but happy..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""


    I saw the same thing in El Salvador, Terry

    about 5  pounds for a bottle of cheap whisky from Lidels,,


    Aka. Liquid Plumber

    Lots of money won't necessarily make you happier but it will afford you better lawyers...and that WILL make you very happy.

    money will NOT buy you happiness. Look at all the actors / actresses, top pro athletes that have many problems with drugs and alcohol and divorces, or their children getting into crime or bad accidents,divorces, or committing suicide . And yes, the same thing can happen without money, altho' it's harder to buy the drugs and alcohol then. 


    only to right m/c/m,,

    Thx for vote of confidence, Hectie

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