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    Can any one me how can i control my weight i am working as accountant. so much of time I have to sit because of that I am getting fat

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    make a list of what you eat each day. at the end of a week read the list. include EVERYTHING. you'll see how much and what you've eaten and be very surprised.

    slimming world!

    I know it's difficult but the answer maybe is to eat less calories in less than calories out

    I am 5' 6", and used to weigh 184 at my heaviest.
    I have now been at 116 lbs. for over two years.
    Before you try what worked for me, consult your doctor to see if you are in good enough health for this change.
    The answer for me was to cut out all carbohydrates for about two weeks at first. No sugar, no bread, no fruits, no vegetables, potatoes, pasta, etc. Eat lean meat and cheese for these two weeks, and keep the calories to about 1,000 per day. Drink lots of water. Don't drink diet drinks either. If you want, drink tea, even the flavored tea, as long as it isn't sweetened. The first two weeks are very difficult. If you feel faint, drink beef or chicken bouillon. Don't exercise at all the first two weeks. You will get through the two weeks with some will power.
    Spread the calories out over 6 small meals per day.
    Buy Ketosticks at your local drug store, over the counter. Every morning and evening, run a stream of urine over the Ketostick. Read the directions on the Ketostick bottle. When your body is rid of the carbs, it will be in a state of Ketosis, which means that it is using fat reserves for energy rather than muscle.
    At the end of two weeks, add in a serving a day of raw vegetable, such as half of a yellow bell pepper. Continue to monitor the level of Ketosis. Do this for a week if you stay in Ketosis.
    Then, in the next week, add in a handful of nuts. If you stay in Ketosis, continue.
    After the nuts, add in a serving (about 1/3 cup) of raw fruit. Check Ketosis level.
    As long as you stay in Ketosis, you will be burning fat.
    Keep your calories to about 1,200 per day, and begin moderate exercise. Even if you sit in a chair all day, you can make time for some cardiovascular exercise couple with some weight training.
    Once you are able to keep in Ketosis with the addition of fruits and vegetables for at least 6 months, then add in two half-cup servings of whole grains per week.

    What you are doing in this process is two-fold; you are removing fat-creating carbs and getting rid of fat deposits, and you are learning food portions. Learning the food portions is the key part because it is a lifelong skill then.
    You will crave carbs like nothing else for a long time, but stick with it.
    I still avoid white bread, potatoes, white rice, and white pasta. I keep my intake of whole grain foods much lower than my intake of lean meats, cheeses, vegetables and fruits. I don't monitor ketosis any more (after 6 months I did not need to do so).
    Now, I never have to worry about weight, having learned the skills, and I feel so energetic! After 4 months of this program, I had the energy to run several miles. So the cycle has been a good one.

    Coincidentally, I also spend a lot of time at a desk, but look like I do nothing but run.
    I wish you luck!

    Eat only at mealtimes no snacks in between cut out biscuits crisps peanuts ect. Drink plenty of water tea and some coffee. cut down on coca cola and similar drinks even diet drinks drink fruit juice instead.And this is no good if you do not exercise even walking is exercise so walk where ever you can. Jogging is bad for the knees. sit ups for the tummy and stairs for the calf. Remember McD extra large with Diet coke = fat..........

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