An interesting conversation..

    This piece was written by a Islamic reporter,,if you have an interest,read what she wrote,then read the 15th answer from the bottom by a fellow named John,,i am interested to hear your opinion.I hope the link goes through..

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    I'm thinking it's Ms Jacobs that is racist.

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    Oddly enough Roy,there are more than thousand comments on that link,,and i could not find one that favoured Ms Jacobs..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Hanson IS a bigot/racist, judging from the article and other things I've read from and about her.   Her concerns, however, are valid 

    That piece you mention by John, is one of the most well written I have read on the subject of Islam.  I need to read a but more about Mrs Hanson before making an opinion of her, I'm not sure if she is racist, or just like a lot of other right leaning politicians who just speak their minds, and are truthful of how they see things.

    terryfossil 1

    There are a few more well written ones in that link Dave..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    What a pig or should I write "Mrs Trump"? She's crazy. And America is having the same feelings I'm so sad to say. Here everyone is supposed to be equal. Our own constitution deletes God out of the mix leaving freedom of religion a mainstay. She's denying her roots as I could,  my family once owning a large plantation. I can make all the excuses as can she, what has changed since the negative existence was a part of my past but that is beside the point. She should mind her own P's and Q's.....

    terryfossil 1

    Hanson was elected by 10% of the people into the Senate,democracy rules JH..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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