Elections are everywhere..

    USA has elections,UK has elections Aussie has elections,and a lot of people are unhappy,,Aussie is going down the USA path,,we seem to be leaving the major parties,,and voting more for the independants that say what the political incorrect say..our voting system has a bad side,2 party preferred liberal won 42% labour 34%,,After prefiatial distrubution almost 50% 50%,,a hung government which is of no use to a country..however our independants who are a lot like Trump,may just save the day..""

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    AH!!!!! , my senator.
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    He is not a bad bloke mate,i am not sure about his immigration policy,,does he want open borders or not..????????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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    The times, they are a-changung....hopefully for better days soon. NOT "tomorrow", because tomorrow never comes.

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    The voting might be in countries miles apart,,but the lies and dirty tricks remain the same..this lady was jailed by our 2 major parties and she is back to give it another go,,we will see what the major parties do to her this time.i cannot believe what was done to this woman in the past in the name of politics.why did not some of the other politicians go to jail????.

    She's quite an interesting person, Terry, and definitely outspoken.
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    I would like to think my vote helped her get her seat yesterday,,she is certainly a person for the people,after all they done to her,i do not know why she bothered..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Terry, to think most of what Pauline Hanson stood for all those years back came to pass, society may be different now if she was listened too.
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    Yeah Kent,it will be interesting to see how she goes this time around and how the rest of the politicians react to her..they are still very scared of her..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Well, guys, she has said what lots of people think, but fear saying aloud. PC seems to mean accepting everyone and everything willy-nilly. Hanson points out the (to her) obvious. Some refuse to see the forest IS the trees.

    I like that song ,IF Tomorrow never comes by an Irish group i belive,
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    They called her racist Bob,even though she hired aboriginal girls to work in her fish and chip shop in Ipswich,,as far as being outspoken Bob,i guess if you are gonna be a politician you gotta be outspoken..>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    She does single out specific ethnic groups...PC is not her strong suit, but she's honest, which isn't "P" at all.

    ....government of the people, by the people and for the people 

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    Great sounding words Ben,how do you bring them into the real world.????.>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....opinion: gov't representatives should listen, communicate and serve all people instead of serving themselves.
    ....guts, truth and ethics are required.
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    Well said Ben,but where do you find guts,truth and ethics..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    ....hard to find, if they are not within
    ....actions count, not words

    I've never been much of a politico but suddenly I'm pushed into the mix. I could have just voted and be done. Oh, well,  I'll just be glad when its all over and may the best rep win and flourish. 

    terryfossil 1

    when you have a vote you have a say JH..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Right but I talk plenty and I will vote w/o consciousness. .....

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