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    Barack Obama has been called a failure by the conservative talking heads. By typical expectations, that's a fact.

    But, if you really examine his behavior and words, couldn't you come to the conclusion he set out to bring the US to her knees, and is, therefore, a monumental success?

    Elaborate on your (dis)agreement

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    Did you read that to which you have referred us?
    Please, cut the crap, indeed.
    country bumpkin

    The personal issues between the two of you are very obvious. Please stop posting your frustrations here, on akaQA. This is neither the time nor the place. There are few long time members who remain on this site and I believe a few have left because of the constant bickering between members in the past. This is your first warning, Thank you.

    Thank you

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    All one has to do is recall the hatred and rhetoric against the United States spewing from the church which he attended before becoming president, to answer your question. Yet, the uninformed in this country elected him anyway!


    He went to a muslim school while in Indonesia aug attended public school in Hawaii. He has stated that he has no particular church that he follows.

    First of all i do not like the bloke Bob,i do not believe he set out to destroy USA,but he is certainly a failure as a President,from what i can see,his only claim to fame is doing speeches,and very little action of any i guess that simply makes him incompetent.As the first black president a lot was expected from him,and he failed all colours..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..  


    He certainly has done strange things, like releasing terrorists from Gitmo. His immigration policies are dubious, too. New citizens do not pledge allegiance to the United States now, which is disconcerting. I think we'll soon discover he has ties to destructive elements.
    terryfossil 1

    Immigration is a hot spot in Aussie Bob,i think most Aussies agree we should have total control of our borders..I think UK have the same needs,,but i think after the vote it may get watered down,and it seems the USA is pretty hot on immigration,,it is one of the things that gives Trump most of his power,,so having said all that,it appears immigration is a problem in a lot of countries in this world..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Another successful failure has been aggravating race relations and discrediting law enforcement. Never hear a word from him when a police officer is gunned down, thereby sending silent approval for civil disobedience.

    ....what is the measure from lame to limp ?


    I'm looking for your evaluation!

    He's a lot of talk and no do .


    Read Wiki, MCM or are you too busy?

    There was nothing good coming from this black muslim that could benefit the USA. Believers thought he would be their knight in shining armour   He despises American past and present . Nothing but pure liberalism. But, I am a believer that he was not born in USA.


    Oj, Z, I had the prefect but NICE argument for you including the fact that I like you regardless. I'm mature enough to accept each other's opinion. #1 he is not a Muslim and try though you might, you'll just have to take another direction. He was born in the USA. Get real that you think it possible to run for office without being so? He's smart but not that smart, enough to fool how many of us to get elected twice? Look at the real facts, not those that seem to back up what you already believe. The actual facts that are within your grasp if you were so incline to maybe be wrong. He is a knight to me, a poor but educated white woman who believes in the constitution just like what is there in the American oath. I'm not going on, I know I can't change a soul, heck, I can't even defend myself except I know.

    Not many non-Muslims attend Muslim schools, but correct me if I'm wrong.
    I think we all see things the way we want to see them, in spite of what reality might truly be.
    But, I know for a fact, the Obama administration has done nothing to advance our nation, ease racial tensions, or seriously combat the mass killings by those who "identify" with a zealous sect of a major religion. Obamacare has not reduced my health insurance costs whatsoever, and I can go to the doctor of my choice if I pay 100% out of pocket.
    Those are actual facts.
    To be truly educated, one must remove the rosy glasses, and the side blinders. It's the same with our presidential candidates. Neither one is a prize, but we know for a fact one of them didn't do her job honestly or successfully when she was Secretary of State, and we know she advocates full term abortions...that's when the baby would come into the world with a gasp for air and a newborn's bellow if his brain hadn't been flattened and destroyed just prior to. There's another fact.

    He has a muslim name. But I guess the church of reverend wright, GD America, GD America,GD America proved he is a Christian not muslim. What kind of church would preach that. One that Obama went to. Wants to promote more muslim involvement in most everything. He attended Islamic school, prayed to koran. So I guess he converted back to Christian beliefs, but kept his Islamic name. Read this.

    Z, you corroborated your views with fact. Thank you.

    Not being born in the US is a convenient argument but he was, in fact, born in Hawaii. He lived in Indonesia for 4 years and attend public schools where SOME Muslim traits were taught. Read Wiki and see how he feels about America.
    I’m not trying to sway you, of course. I just believe a little tact should be present when bashing our president……..

    The oath of allegiance to the U.S. is still there,  to uphold and protect the constitution. To give up former titles and so on,  The oath to bear arms for the U.S. is still there. Now is included a waiver for those who can prove their religion or strong belief that bearing arms is against what they believe. Nothing was removed. 


    Thank Wiki:


    Please cite your reliable source. Thank you.
    That is not what I've heard

    I'm on my phone and can't c&p (yet ). Of course you haven't heard, you can't single me out for wearing blinders. To get the above answer I simply typed in the question, read all the answers, remarked when facts were repeated and repeated them myself. I'll see if I can enlighten you when I find my way to the big computer.

    Thank you. I thought you were quoting the ever-reliable James. I want the facts, so sift through the liberal and conservative and get the truth so I won't be so ignorant of it.

    James is rarely here to ask. Besides, he believes like you……..

    Your reference is a month old.
    Re: James, he's probably upset he has to share your servitude with someone who has a real need.

    Yes, I can single you out, unless that's on the list of BS by Obama. Let me see if it's with that edict to make school lunches nutritious so kids will automatically be more healthy....or the government spending bill aimed at military moms who want to breast feed their infants.

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