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    As far as isis or dash is concerned,,Some of us the non terrorists say these people are murderers and killers and they are not part of a religion war,,so does that mean these people who blow themselves up,are simply happy to die knowing they have taken some people with them,????,on the other hand if it is a religion war and it is in their belief,does that mean the ones from that religion who do not blow themselves up in the name of their religion are not following their religion to the letter????and if they are not following it today,,will they tomorrow..???????

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    it's very complicated, Terry .

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    Take a class and find out where they came from and what the Qu'ran says to you. Sharia law does not blend well with the laws of many lands, all at risk. 

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    Are you saying only the sharia law ones are the ones that blow themselves and others up for their belief Bob..>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    No, I'm saying Sharia law, as I understand/have been led to believe, is contradictory to laws my country has. Insisting someone obey my country's laws that conflict with their faith laws is a recipe for disaster. I'm beginning to think that conflict of ideals may be a big reason terrorism is becoming "routine" here. There can't be two sets of laws to govern one nation. One of them has to go.
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    And one would hope the laws of your country are not the ones to go..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    That is my hope.

    .... I have no ability to interpret an extremist or zealot.


    Don't be so modest. Take a wild swing at it without any clues from me.

    Just fanatical bas***ds Terry.

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    So the fanatical ones believe they are doing what their religion says,but every now and then a fanatical one pops up from the non fanatical ones,so somewhere in their belief it must say to go kill that how it sounds Tom..btw how has your day been..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Hectic day Terry.Getting ready for chemo.As for the fanaticals,they just want the power to rule the world.It's got nothing to do with any legitimate religion if you ask me.
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    I do not know Tom,,i cannot see someone killing themselves for some nutter above him..BTW,is chemo gonna make you as bald as me..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Fanatical Nutters , probably high on drugs a lot of the time, they don't really know what they believe in. That's my thoughts on them anyway.

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    I do not believe drugs play much of a part in their actions Dave,,unless they take something to help with their fear of blowing themselves up,,it is born into our spirit to not kill ourselves,,therefore being abnormal..people who kill themselves do so because they cannot see life ahead of themselves,it is not an easy thing to do..but to kill innocent people with you,that means you are on a drug not from this world..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It's difficult to imagine what makes them tick Terry, they are certainly not normal.

    Not being able to understand the driving force makes them more dangerous.

    Muslims are not supposed to take drugs or drink

    They are not supposed to murder innocent people either mcm.

    Aren't religions wonderful ? Anyone can interpret anything, anytime, anyhow. Of the major brands out there, Buddhism seems to be the only one whose members tend to stick to the script.

    Shame on all of the others !


    Digger, Confucius say, '' Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.''

    Can you break that down for me? I'm not that smart.
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    We know Digger,but that is okay,we will molly coddle you mate..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Ter, step into the mind of the terrorist. He may believe that the afterlife rewards are so much more appealing than the present. Some are in fear of retaliation against their families and future family. The kids are brainwashed into believing they will not be harmed, that they will survive the bombing. Others are forced to watch the raping of woman and girls on film and thus taught that they must protect their mothers and sisters from the white man who live to do the very things they've had shoved down their throats. They honestly feel,are taught to feel that we are the enemy and must be stopped even if it means dying for a cause. All it takes is to change the absolute mindset of hundreds of men and women.....


    ...and the common thread to all these silly beliefs and fears is... ?

    The hatred of white people, mostly Americans. Religion has some influence but only in the extreme cases.

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