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    Just heard on our news that Boston is the murder capital in England,,if that is so,then why is it so,,some people have come out and said brexit had nothing to do with immigration,but it does not look that way or have our news boys over here got it wrong..????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    That's true Terry, Boston has more murders than Glasgow or London. Boston also has the highest rate of illegal immigrants in the country too, oops we mustn't say that the liberal elite might  accuse me of being racist .


    Boston also has a high proportion of legal EU immigrants. (Legal for the moment anyway.) They do low-paid work on farms and market gardens doing jobs like picking brussels sprouts on cold mornings which locals will not do. Brexit will hit the farmers hard.


    Have you applied for your French citizenship yet ?

    Well digger he wouldn't want to live in England he thinks 7,400,000 of us are stupid.

    Yeah, but he already lives in France as an ex-pat. He's concerned that he may be deported by his French epouse.

    Yes digger he lives in a different world from me, he has a lot further to fall as well. Lol

    Nor the U.S., SunnyB , where we are even stupider, though, of course, he could enter illegally, then apply for all our "free" programs. Tres bien

    A few facts, I did not say the English were stupid, I said the Welsh were stupid because Wales has had far more out of the EU than the inhabitants have paid in taxes.
    Secondly, I am an immigrant, the same as the Mexicans that Trump wants to exclude or the boat people arriving, or drowning, daily from the Middle East.
    Finally, I have never had any handouts or free programs from any country but have always paid my way.

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