Will this Brexit referendum become the most monumental blunder of recent times?

    On 23. June 2016 the U.K. will decide in a referendum whether to remain or leave the European Union. Before the last General Election in 2015 the Prime Minister David Cameron said that if he and the Tories were re-elected, he would grant the people a referendum to let them decide on their future i.e. to remain in or opt out of the European Union.

    It is the 649 elected members of Parliament whose job it is to debate, argue and vote on any constitutional changes to be made. This is democracy and has been so for more than 300 years. To put this aside and expect the average voter to come to a fair and considered opinion on such a vital and complex question is pure bonkers.

    Governments across Europe are looking to the UK with concern. Should British voters decide to leave the EU, it could throw Europe into a crisis with incalculable consequences.

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    25. June 2016
    Brexit will now be a reality and the tremors will continue to reverberate for a long, long time. Life will never be the same again, it most certainly will not get better. It will be your children and their children who will be the biggest losers and one day they will ask "WHY”.

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    Who's to say it could throw Europe into a crisis with incalculable consequences, it's never happened before?

    There is far too much scaremongering and tales of doom coming from the remain side, the answer to all these stories will only be found out if and when the voters opt to leave the EU, I personally don't think this will happen although I will be voting to leave, I think the no campaign took a big step back after Nigel Farage unveiled his latest poster for the leave side.

    Dont forget the world was possibly gonna end with the 2000 bug,planes were gonna drop out of the sky and all kinds of disasters were gonna come,,guess what guys,we are all still here,,and i have heard that if the leave vote wins,it will take up to 7 years to fully leave the EU..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    The only crisis that could come as a result of us voting to leave would be because the rest of the people in Europe would demand a referendum themselves. as I have said before The EU is run by mainly unelected dishonest so called leaders. David Cameron and George Osborne have mislead this country with their dishonest warnings and threats, the only reason they agreed to a referendum in the first place was because they felt they would loose a lot of seats in parliament to Ukip, that was how they managed to win the election last year. It sounds like it may be a close result, but I hope not, I hope the people see sense and vote to leave with a resounding majority. What ever the result I shall never trust Cameron and Osborne again.

    I Think you are right

    Peter,only wish there was another way out,but we are fed up having our Law courts overuled by  Brussels and our little iland will sink under the weight of imergrents,


    Just think Dennis, no more being bossed around by old ma Merkel.

    Yep no more Iron Knickers hopefully Dave,
    terryfossil 1

    Hec,our little island had the same problem with immigration,,so we stopped em before they landed on our shores,then we stuck em on another little island until they agreed to go somewhere else..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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