Have you ever been arrested or pulled over by a cop..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    I brought the Barrier Arm down once on a Cops car bonnet leaving a police station yard,served the pratt right he could see i was working on it,,


    Smooth move ! ;D

    ....pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

    Yes, lost a good job because of it too. Long story from a good few years back.

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    AAHHHH,,Memories..I am glad i asked the question,because i do not have to answer it,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Me too, long time ago.

    Oh,  yes. I got a DIE a long time ago. Funny thing is,  I wasn't drunk. Bipolar. And in a manic phase switching to depressed and unable to explain myself. Did two months and then went back because I drank a lot of wine before being called in for a pee test.....

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    I once beat the pee test in a rehabilitation centre for alcoholism,,i had been out and they asked me to come up to the office and do a piddle test,,i had popped a few pills and had a few drinks,,i got a mate to piddle in a bottle and give it to me,and i put his bottle in my jocks,,i went to the office and they gave me a bottle,then stood behind me in the toilet while i filled it,i swapped bottles in my jocks,,they knew i had had a drink but my test was negative,,they are still wondering how i beat them..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

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