50 dead in gay bar shooting near Orlando

    and more critically injured. US citizen of Afghan parents shouting to Allah during shootout was a person of interest to DOJ but not under investigation. 

    Hate crime against gay people, terrorism, or crazy person? OR...

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    Just see on our news Bob,5O dead 53 Injured,sorry to hear the bad news,,a Moslem fanatic,

    Thank you, Dennis.
    I still don't agree with confiscating guns and repealing our 2nd amendment. People like this man could easily obtain his weapons via black market. Taking away MY right to own a gun won't stop terrorists or mass murderers.

    It said in the news, ISIS in Syria, claimed responsibility for it : And you can get anything you want on the internet.

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    Words can't describe my sadness and anger about this tragedy, terrorism or nutjob, they are all over the World, but in most countries these kind of arms he used are not so readily available, how long is it going to take the USA to get this archaic amendment sorted out?

    My thoughts are with the bereaved families.


    I've not heard how he came by the weapons.

    Wonder why the FBI dropped investigation....

    .... I can't relate or understand.

    All the above is my answer.

    Christina Grimmie was shot to death in Orlando on Friday while greeting fans after a concert and now there are at least 50 fatalities in the LGBT shooting in Orlando. We are watching the news coverage now and I could not help but cry. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

    Whatever the intended direction of his hatred, the shooter once again, had an assault weapon! It makes me sick but I've given my opinion before. It doesn't matter because no serious action re: gun control has been taken and probably never will be.

    The guy was a homophobic sociopathic bipolar walking timebomb. He attempted to invoke a last minute allegiance to ISIS as an excuse according to some reports and the testimony of an ex-wife is terrifying to say the least as is the fact that he was a known potential terrorist that constituted no threat[!] according to the FBI [Frikkin Big Idiots].

    Mateen was a walking timebomb.

    terryfossil 1

    The law does not allow anyone to jail potential terrorists as of yet Lindi,,you gotta agree it is very easy to pick the bad guys after the event..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    .... if it walks like a duck?
    terryfossil 1

    Gotta be a duck..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sorry, I hadn't read the post when I recorded my own but they both say practically the same thing. Ill timed bible quotes topped only with JUDGE YE NOT LEAST YE BE JUDGED 

    Is there really anything left to say,,is anybody really going to listen,,1.people kill,not guns,,if he could not get a gun he would have got a bomb,,2.another muslim in the name of allah,he was a known Isis supporter with a gun liscense,nuff said there..3.born American of Afghan parents,,so is he a muslim terrorist in the name of his god or simply a low life murderer that just wanted to go out a kill a few..???????..and if you think that is frightening check this out ,"it aint the last one",how do i know that,,simple,, just ask one of them,,and if you think i am over the top,,wonder what the 50 dead people would say,,we can ask the other 52 injured people what they think..but nobody will..i sometimes think i should not answer these sort of questions when i feel like this..>>>>>>>><<<<<..


    a lot of murders wouldn't have occurred if the gun was not there.
    terryfossil 1

    Not quite true MCM,,we have gun control,and we had 6 murders by stabbing in one state of Aussie,,as for this terrorist,if he could not get a gun he would have got a bomb..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It's not the guns, it's the people, it's not the guns, it's the people, it's not the guns it's the people...................................................................................................................................


    Very True!
    terryfossil 1

    However Nom,should a normal citizen have the right or need for a military assault rifle even if he has a license..???????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    No normal citizen should be allowed to have an assault rifle whether licensed or not. The problem is that there are many abnormal people around.

    A tragedy that seems to occur over and over again. People are the problem and hate is the four letter word that fuels them.

    These fanatics are Evil people. They would get guns one way or another, but I'm sure America would be safer if you had more gun control. 


    Gun control should not be confiscation by anything related to the government.

    Could it be that he was not gay, but infiltrated the night club, looking to make "friends" with gays, then hooking up with them on dates, in anticipation of killing them? I'm wondering how many frequented the club and then "disappeared"?



    There's so much more info trickling down. You and I will never get the truth. Pretty soon, a YOUTUBE video will be the antagonist.

    Maybe not. It doesn't make sense that if he was gay, he'd shoot up a gay night club. Then again, he was deranged, so maybe somehow in his mind, he was able to justify it.

    The guy was hollering to Allah. We are being distracted from the source of the deed.

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