Have you ever fallen asleep while driving? What do you suggest to take to ward off drowsiness?

    I fell asleep a few days ago, at about 2 P.M.on a busy parkway. Before I nodded off, I was doing about 50 m.p.h. I tried shaking off the sleepiness; made it cool in the car and blasted the stereo, which only lasted "so long" There was a rumble ( the pavement by the concrete divider has a little height, which jarred me, and I woke up) and I was ok after that. No damage to my car or anybody or any vehicles!  Knowing that I could've killed someone, or even a few people, is still upsetting me days later.  Does anyone take caffeine supplements, strong coffee (brand), etc.?

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    Very Scary!

    Good advice. We had a family friend with narcolepsy, and a guy I rode to work with would fall asleep at stoplights.

    If i was u, Clonge, -- get a check up for Sleep Apnea, by what you are saying sounds like a good candidate, this condition had killed many a driver plus passengers and pedestrians. Good Luck.

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    This is a much more common, complex and potentially dangerous condition and most people are not aware of it. My advice to you is to seek medical advice from your GP who may, if he thinks it necessary, advise you to undergo an in-lab sleep study. An in-lab sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram, records your brain waves, heartbeats and breathing as you sleep. It also charts your eye movements, limb movements and oxygen in your blood. This data will help your doctor make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. Remember, the next time you nod off at the wheel you may not be so lucky.

    ....change sitting positions often

    ....sing with the radio

    ....chew gum


    My eyelids have gotten droopy. One morning, long, long ago, I pulled over and blacked out for a moment. I think it was the 3 cups of coffee I'd had at breakfast with colleagues. 

    BE CAREFUL! Better to call and tell (insert name) you'll be late and pull over to a safe rest area. 

    If you are starting to fall asleep at the wheel you should pull over and have a few winks,,however i have never taken my own advice,,though it did worry me a lot,,i no longer do that..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..


    At least , stop your car and walk around a bit!
    terryfossil 1

    Tried that,it only prolonged the problem..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I have never fallen asleep driving!  I have lots of trouble sleeping but I know lots of people who sleep drive! Freaks me out! My Dad often fell asleep driving!  Scared the Poop! outa me I was a very nervous kid, always yelling at him while driving!



    My dad always drove inches from the shoulder, and we lived "outside the city limits". I was sure Dad would flip the car and kill all of us. Mom's knuckles would be white from gripping the arm rest or her purse.
    Horrible driver....always drove too fast with just his index finger on the wheel.

    If i was yelling at my dad, I wouldn't have seen my next b/day

    If Clu didn't yell to wake him, she'd likely have not seen HERE next birthday. Perspective. Necessity.

    Thanks, Bob! I see you understand a sleep driver! :)

    Most of the time (sadly, not always), I think before I post here.
    It's not hard to understand your dilemma!

    Pull off the road,and have half hour dose, that's really the only cure.

    Stop the car,get out & walk around.You may need to do this several times if you are on a trip. I used to drive Shell tankers on night shift & this always worked for me.I never actually fell asleep.It's also good to have a chatter box in the seat beside you.


    That'd be me ... the chatterer! LoL

    And me. I'll come along and chatter too. lol

    .... no earplugs allowed Tommyh ... Me and Ducky have a lot of ground to cover so keeps yer eyes on the road and keep 'er betwixt the lines !!! LoL

    I fell asleep in my g. friend's car while she was driving us back from the lake and she was talking.

    I've never slept while at the wheel.... never a problem staying alert. I was a 'road' musician for 20 years B.C. [before children] so had a lot of practice driving with my 8 track blasting down the road!

    Sadly a pal of ours was killed after falling asleep on his early morning drive to work.... he drove off a cliff.... asleep. Sad.


    so tragic

    Many years ago I fell asleep but woke just in time to avoid hitting the concrete center divider. Scared the c@@p out of me! When drowsy, coffee, loud music, singing at the top of my lungs, does nothing for me. Munching on snacks is the only thing that helps.

    No, I've never felt sleepy while driving. I think if I did, I would pull over somewhere and have a very long nap.


    It's a lot easier for a duck. You could land just about anywhere!

    Pavement is hard on my wings!!

    Yes, I have. Luckily, I eventually came to a stop on the major highway without killing anyone. Blew out both passenger side tires and lost my licence for a year. No alcohol involved but still charged with impaired driving. Fatigue as a cause of reckless driving is equal to drinking in the province that this happened.  



    So digger, how are you, seriously? I've always had the feeling that something happened in your life/family and that is why you left. If you don't care to share, I understand. I actually miss you and your sarcasm. My kinda Canadian! lol

    All is well, Ducky. No drama at all. Just felt it was time to move on.I occasionally peek in but since politics and religion are topics too sensitive and personal for some, I figure it's best to stay away. Started "thinking" about retirement of late. I'll see how that goes.
    I noticed a number of somewhat recent regulars have appeared to have dropped off. Maybe it's just a time out. I hope your hockey team, the "whachamacallits" win their league Cup this year ! Maybe I'll chime in about your favourite politician some day.
    Cheers, Ducky. Stay warm...Spring is a long way away.

    Good to hear. No drama is always a good thing. You'll know when retirement time has arrived. You'll like it if you have plans but you're probably not the type to just sit around and do nothing I'm guessing. Those people end up bored and going back to work and then tell me they couldn't find anything to do. Really? Several "regulars" dropped off...drama, drama, drama. They've been gone for months. I too, hope that our "Whatchamacallits" win the cup. It's been too long! It's funny that you mention politics and religion. Less than 24 hours ago, I spoke with our other moderator (Country Bumpkin) about that very topic, saying we should be allowing more of that since the forum is so dead and just about everyone is gone. She hasn't answered me yet. The last time I said something about Trump, she deleted my comment. lol She's another American Trumpster. I don't get it but it makes for good viewing on CNN....."Breaking News"!!!!!! And then there's Canada. Trudeau sure is cute and polite. Hah! Digging out winter clothes these days. Ugh. Nice to hear from you digger. Stay in touch.
    P.S. Country Bumpkin laughs and says that we have a love/hate relationship. I tell her that it's just how Canadians treat each other because we're always freezing and miserable up here. haha




    more than oops! Stop your car! Get out of it! WALK around Scream! Jump up and down!

    ....see below
    ....oops was an erasure.

    Almost,  almost. I've heard it told that iT helps if you open and close your fist quickly. Something about circulation.....


    I remember my husb doing that on our long trips to the Cleveland area. Sometimes he'd start to fall asleep while driving and I didn't know it till he made snorting noises

    I have awakened when the light turned  green with people blowing their horns at me. 




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