The Earth is overpopulated. And humanity want to live. Can be formed appropriate biosphere on an other planet soon? For example in the moon?

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    We know less about our own planet than we do about "space", let's try getting along a wee bit better with everyone and you might see a big improvement.

    ....are you sure of your research ?

    ....recently, China lifted birth restriction.

    The earth is not overpopulated yet. It was overpopulated millions of years ago with other animal species . More animals meant more carbon dioxide , which meant more plants, which may have lead to the warming of the arctic, then more animals. Then came the time of animals quickly died. Less carbon dioxide, less plants, arctic cooled, then we came too life. Carbon dioxide is good. That's why greenhouse businesses use carbon dioxide generators to increase plant growth. Mission to mars will explore people living on other planets. Did you apply for it ?

    There is plenty of room on this earth,,we just do not take advantage of it,,internal Australia is the biggest part of Aussie,but there is no water,put water there and you could populate it with more than 20 times the population of UK..As you can see ,the main population of Aussie lives on the coastline or in capital cities on the coastline..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""


    We could populate the northern part of Canada too. All we need to do is add some heat. lol
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    Adding heat to Canada may be a little harder than adding water to central Australia Duck..even though we have a lot of water and heat..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    is Australia a country or a continent ?
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    @ MCM,,apparently the answer to your question MCM is (Both)..check out this video,it kinda explains it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    As Linus once said to Lucy, while she ranted about the earth being so overpopulated, it couldn't feed all the people, "Why don't you leave?"     (R. I. P. Charles Schultz)

    I think it would be simply better to use birth control if one doesn't want a baby . Then, the earth wouldn't be over populated. Besides, it's only over populated in certain areas.

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    Lots of room out there MCM..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    that's what I said , Terry

    After the Flood which killed all people in the world except Noah, his 3 sons and their wives, God told them to 'Go forth and multiply'.


    Did they not know about the withdrawal method in those days then Norm..??

    He didn't say go forth and over populate
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    So imagine where we would be if we did not have 2 world wars,,and besides there is a hellava lot of the world that has not been populated,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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