I see MsBob came across the posting by 'Volcane'. What does the Bible say about Homosexuality, this posting must be a record as there was 205 answers.

    I can understand now why same sex marriages are condoned/ legal by most countries, if this posting with the comments for: is to push and push their views and never relent, the govt. of the time will give in to shut them up, the posting by Volcane  is a typical example, unbelievable the comments made by 'she who can't be named' very disturbing.

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    Ahhhh!!!! The good ole days!!!!!

    She was the epitome of intolerance, and that was just one example of her abusive nature. I'm glad she found me so distasteful. 

    Governments don't have to pass laws to satisfy every group with a gripe. 

    ....her selfish aggrandized rants to justify her/others behavior made no difference to my personal beliefs/business.


    She wore out a keyboard on that one. ;)

    It was not to be,but i often see myself and her on in the train station cafe,just like brief encounters,,


    Well, that's a nightmare!

    Dream on Dougal, dream on!!!

    I would love to see a movie of that, Hec, i can see both of you treading the Red Carpet at the Osca's. ----'Welcome to my Nightmare.'

    I have a very good homosexual friend and he worries about this. On one hand it’s an unforgivable sin and on the other, it states that God loves all his creatures equally. And this friend is Catholic, too. I can only offer my views and I’m a liberal. I make him feel better…….


    Hope you had a wonderful trip

    Wouldn't have been so sore and tired had we not gotten lost a few times! The streets are crazy there, 3 or 4 coming together at odd angles....

    It's a crazy place.

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