Trump and Clinton..

    Trump is a shoe in to win for his party needing only 28 more votes,so his opponents drop out,sounds like common sense by the republicans,,Clinton is a shoe in for the democrats needing only 78 more votes,,sanders needs 844 more votes,,why is he still wasting money flogging a dead horse..i admit i know very little about the American election principals,but just using common sense,it does not make any sense,,i am sure someone will set me straight..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

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    It ain't over till the fat lady sings, they say. If Sanders manages to win and win big the remaining states, including California, some or most of the super delegates that were previously leaning towards Clinton, may just decide to lean the other way. Especially if some unfavourable event takes place against Hillary.

    At least, that's the thinking in the Sanders camp. Polls still show him better able to defeat Trump. A longshot, no doubt but at this point, what's he got to lose ?

    Terry it doe's not make sense to me neither.

    Wait and see if Biden runs as third party for democrats because the future problems Hillary Clinton may have.


    Wish those problems would materialize.

    AlI can say is its gonna get real interesting.

    I think Sanders stays in because he has the financial support he needs. His fan(atics) are completely devoted and, as he said, he wants us to have more than "the lesser of two evils" from which to choose in November.  If the demoncrats rethought all those super delegates given to Clinton for no good reason, it would be much closer. I'm feeling pretty much trapped between a rock and a hard place. Hope Trump picks a quality VP


    My guess is Gingrich
    terryfossil 1

    Sanders has got the better stats to beat Trump,,So maybe those super delegates will through in behind Sanders as Digger said..i assume VP means vice president Bob,and you are right,i think who he picks will give more insight into Trump,,i do not believe he is as shallow as the papers like to report..i am getting all electioned out,,we go to the polls in about 6 weeks to vote a prime minister in,,Liberal or Labor..on the upside ours is over a lot faster than yours..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Sanders is far too Socialistic to be successful in his platform with the Senate and House to overcome. I dont think college should be free, unless "the government" wants to establish its own university and make that free. It would cost a for tune to get it up and running, and does anyone believe something with that kind of taxpayer burden is going to get approval?

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