JH,these questions come out of your own head..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


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    Yeah, I just sit back and look around me and think up questions that relate. 
    Anything to keep this site going. Will be glad when the Oct. 12thers get gone……..

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    Ya doing a great job JH,,and the oct 12ers are getting whittled down..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Explain Oct 12thers to me. I musta been sleeping
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    Hey Tom,oct-12-2014,,,a whole heap of people put up web site advertising,,we answer their questions we get rid of them,,at least thats how i see it..look over to the right of this page,and you will see questions with 160 to 300 views,go to their profile and have a look at their questions,,you will also see they all joined AKA oct 12 2014..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    The questions were placed there (I imagine) by the admin, when the forum was dying. They would likely be the only ones who could load this forum with thousands of questions with one simple key stroke.
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    What happens when we knock em all down Duck..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    We wait for new questions which are few and far between. That's why some of our members post questions for keep us alive.

    Curious people like to learn new things. That prompts questions. I think that jh is a very curious, eager to learn person....probably reads a lot. (Just my impression after 'knowing her' for about five years.)      :)


    terryfossil 1

    A fair evaluation of the question,,,now explain it to>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Good question terry. lol

    There is no "Book of Questions for akaQA" 

    ....keep up the good work.

    My guess is they raised enough money to go. There are 14 kids in the senior class total at our school. Of that only 7 will be participating in the class trip. They will go to Hawaii. All paid from the concession stand proceeds-profits. This year they raised little over 44,000 dollars . They each have  about 2,200 to spend there. Only one kid from that group will be going to Australia . He was picked because he is a good football player. I think there has been about 16 kids picked from around the USA to go play this football game. They have been playing for last 10 years in Canada, and have won every game. Really not too hard to find 16 or so really good football players to go play. All of these kids have played 6 man football. Anyway, they probably have raised enough money to go. Really nice that people might be interested in donating money. Its not really that necessary. Local people here have done that. Thanks for the generous offers.

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