why does my female cat --about 10 yrs old., throw up ?

    Why does Willow, my female cat throw up ? She seems healthy in every other way . She throws up almost every day undigested or partially digested  dry cat food.And I give them a 1/2 a can of moist canned cat food for their midnight snack. She eats that, usually . Please don't tell me to change her brand of food, b/c since I changed their brand recently their skin is a lot better and she doesn't give herself big scabs on her neck and at the base of her tail anymore  like she used to . And my other cat's skin is better too. She doesn't pull out her hair as much as she used to.

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    Nakita Dances on Bears does this too except it is a personal vendetta against me ... she loves canned catfood and only wants that but I can't always afford it so when she is tortured with dry kibbles she likes to plant a nice pile of them for my foot to enjoy usually right beside my bed where my feet touch the pile ... I mean ... floor.

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    Our female does that regally , it's usually because she goes outside and eats grass, she does that most mornings when we first let her out, then she comes in, eats her breakfast, and then she is often sick. We try to slow down the way she eats, that's easier said than done because she's not such a fast eater as our boy cat. 

    Click and read here. A trip to an expert (vet) could be in order.


    ....Duck are you ok as to the fire in Canada ?

    Yes, it's hundreds of miles from my area Ben but thanks for asking. It is a terrible situation there and still burning out of control. The temperature dropped but then the winds picked up. Hundreds of acres of land with homes and businesses have burned to the ground and the fires are still raging. :(

    What kind of dry food are you feeding your kitties? I'd like to give Peanut something new.

    She throws up exactly like Willow, but not as often. Peanut is at least 10! She has the occasional hair ball, too. I don't know why she throws up, but seems fine before and after. Maybe they just eat too fast?

    Obviously something isn't agreeing with her.Could be an underlying illness where a vet would do blood work.Do you let her out to eat a bit of grass?Cats often eat some grass if they are feeling poorly.Cats don't need a midnight snack.Wet food in the morning and a handful of biscuits in the evening.Fresh drinking water at all times.

    ....what does your vet say ?

    Boo is probably close to 18-19 years old now, we have about a half dozen or more different kinds of food for him, he does throw up from time to time but he has gotten really finicky. He will eat like there's no tomorrow then just stop, that's when we give him a different kind for a week or so.

    Probably some hair that wont digest and the food . My cat is around 20 years old now, and does it about once a month. Also looks like alot of flim .Would go outside to eat some grass, and throw it up also.

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