How about those riots at Trumpty Dumpty rallies in California.....

    Even money says he hired everybody as a publicity stunt.  Real protestors wouldn't be waving any flag but the USA, because being an American is the goal....right?  Besides, with his genius foreign policy for Tan-zinny-yuh  (OMG), he didn't have to make up a riot....he's so smart and knows everything. 

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    It works, idiots are allowed to vote as long as they're registered, there are a lot of id..........................sensible voters out there .



    Sorry Julie!

    There are some people who have been thinking with their heads instead of their emotions. Listened to the recording of Trump's mispronunciation of Tanzania the other day, making me sick to my stomach how many people are too stupid to be alarmed by that. Baynor plays golf with Trump and thinks Cruz is Lucifer....what better endorsement for Cruz than a liberal fool like Baynor NOT liking Cruz???
    And, Cruz is NOT a career politician. From what I can find, the Senate seat is his first elected position (I could be wrong). He was appointed to various positions, probably because he had the experience and intelligence to be successful. Has Trump worked for the benefit of anyone but himself? Seriously....

    I wait in anticipation, NOT!
    I really hate American politics...............SOOOOOOOOO confusing.

    Usually I don't care much. This time, for some reason, I'm adamant about "my" candidate.

    Am I blind? Or stupid? I don't see why you wrote SORRY JULIE... I don't like Trump or his idiot sheep....

    Paid.  You didn't get that kind of action on a hockey team.....

    Tell us about those Bob,,

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