For the "orphans".....

    Who do you miss more, your mom or your dad ( or a step parent)?
    It IS a highly personal question and perhaps something you are uncomfortable acknowledging.
    And, of course, you don't have to! 
    As for me, while I miss both of my parents, I think I miss Dad a little more, and we were not close at all...he just was a smart man who worked hard and was successful. He gave good advice and never talked just to hear himself...thought before he answered.  I miss his competence, if that makes sense.

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    Mother in law oddly enough.good ole "Betty Blockbuster" as I called her. She was a real inspiration.She lived 91 years in her own home right to the end.She lost her husband at 59.Her life was a struggle.Although she lived on a pension eveyone got a present at xmas & birthdays.She never -ever forgot one.She had 5 children,15 grand-children.I forget how many great grand children & even a few Great-great grand children.They all got a present.One of the few people on this planet that I actually admired.R.I.P. Mum.

    Always miss my Mum, my Dad died when I was 7yrs old so the memories are very different, in her later years my Mum was my best friend, she worked and played hard, she died fairly young, suddenly at 68, that was 28yrs ago and I still miss her daily.

    Dad. I always felt that he "got a kick outta me". We had some kind of special rapport. He never was one to say "I love you" but I just knew that he did. Would love to have a chat with him, even today.

    Simple answer Bob,,did not really know them,and what i did know of them,well if you cannot say anything good about someone,,do not say anything at all..>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    One of my older brothers,,Not that Mum,and Dad,were all that could desire,,

    Mum, she had tough time ,but was always there for her five children. 

    Depends on the situation. If cooking, I miss my mom and sage advice. My dad who raised me and didn’t have to, I miss his good manners and gentleman ways. He was an officer…….


    A young (9) friend of mine was telling me about an officer who had become a school principal, who was unapproachable and always yelled at the students, no matter what and no matter where....not just the ones sent to his office for discipline.
    Your dad who raised you had good manners and was a gentleman because that's who he was. I doubt being an officer made him any better than he already was...and from what you have told me, he was outstanding in every way.

    ....miss both loving parents.

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