Good loser?

    Last night, one of the bowlers got  unpleasant with another. The argument came close to blows. The instigator lost his game against my partner and me, whining the handicap had beaten his team, while we had beaten them scratch. His teammate never said a word.

    It was an excellent example of a poor sport. He did congratulate us for our win, but his ugly attitude  is what I'll remember. 

    How do you respond or react to people who behave so poorly. 

    (My partner and I went on to win the league championship. Yay. )


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    Ignore the p**** and enjoy your victory.


     Hey you and your team won fair and square!  Ignore that butthead! Next season he might have no one to team up with! YAY for your team!


    ....class is as class does

    The Cad needs a darn good thashing,and beat him at bowls after,,


    He does get pretty loud and obnoxious sometimes....and he doesn't drink, either. Awful as I am, but I really enjoy when we beat him :D

    Ignore....that's the easiest and least stressful, for me at least. People are usually 'known' for that kind of need to point it out to them. They don't seem to care anyway.    :(

    And more importantly........CONGRATULATIONS!!!


    You can bet, if he has kids they are likely to have the same attitude - Good Role Model. :(

    There's an echo in here...Ignore him.Maybe he'll go away.


    He won't go away....been bowling too long and organizes the big groups of teams who go to state tourney every year. I wish I was bold enough to approach him about it. :(

    WINNERS are GRINNERS Bob,,No need to mention the rest,,Congrats..""

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