The President of USA..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    When you elect your president,and 6 months later the majority of the public and the politicians realize a major mistake has been made,,is there a way of dumping him and quickly going back to an election,,i mean it takes you guys so long to elect him in the first place,i imagine you would have to go through the whole thing again,,i ask this in case Trump is the wrong bet..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..i put Nixon as an example as he got dumped,but i do not know how that went down..""

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    Without solid grounds for impeachment and a Congress willing to take on the task, the problem remains. Sometimes we show our dislike by filling the Congress with the opposition party, but that hasn't worked too well against Obama. All those pasty white goofballs are afraid of being called racists if they disagree too much. I guess they'd rather be called unemployed come reelection time.

    If that was possible, Obama would have been gone. He hasn't done anything good. I do think now whatever democrat gets nominated they will win. The republican establishment will do anything to get their choice nominee in , and its not trump. Just goes to show you how special interest groups run this country.

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    <<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<>>sorry wrong place guys.. lengthy impeachment.


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    C'mon Roy,how stupid is that,politicians are smarter than that,water pistols at 20 paces.?????30 maybe but never 20,somebody could get hurt..>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    That rifle is the best.
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    Looks like it has a small mag Roy,or maybe small bullets,Silencer.????????or maybe it is a snipers gun, fill me in old mate, it is a interesting rifle,,it looks like it has a hinge behind the grip,No gas compression..?????maybe to lightweight for long range,,talk to me mate,what is it,?????do not leave me it Russian.?????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    It's an M2010. .300 Magnum with suppressor.
    This is the Duck's guts of sniper rifles Terry.The real McCoy.
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    Do you know if our boys have it Tom..the boy is in Border Control,but he keeps in touch with his army mates..i will have to quiz him ..>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Thanks Tom, I do sleep sometimes you know, would've filled Terry in myself.
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    Still a coupla questions there not answered Roy..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Top sniper kit mate, if your army have snipers they'll have this.
    Chambered to .300 Winchester Magnum.
    Barreled to a 24 in (610 mm) long, 1 in 10 inch (254 mm) twist rate (using Obermeyer 5-R rifling) hammer-forged free floating barrel.
    Fitted with a new chassis (stock) assembly that maximizes the amount of physical adjustments for the sniper to provide a better user customized fit. The chassis has a right folding buttstock that shortens the system for easier transport and better concealment during movement and accommodates the mounting of accessories via removable Mil Std 1913 Picatinny Rails and accessory cables via routing channels.
    Fitted with a five-round detachable box magazine.
    Fitted with a quick-attachable/detachable Advanced Armament Corporation sound suppressor with muzzle brake to reduce recoil and jump and audible and visible signature with an available thermal sleeve that reduces mirage effect on heated suppressors. The 10 in (254 mm) Titan-QD Fast-Attach suppressor eliminates 98 percent of muzzle flash, 60 percent of recoil, and reduces sound by 32 decibels.
    Fitted with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5–20×50mm ER/T M5A2 Front Focal variable power telescopic sight featuring a 34 mm tube diameter, first focal plane Horus Vision H-58 grid system range estimation reticle and Bullet Drop Compensation,[11][12] fielded with the AN/PVS-29 or AN/PVS-30 Clip-on Sniper Night Sight.[13][14]
    The application of advanced corrosion resistant coatings throughout the system.
    According to Remington Arms each rifle is tested to meet (and typically exceeds) the requirement to fire ≤ 1 MOA/0.28 mrad (less than a 2-inch shot group at 200 yards) before being released for fielding.
    That better?
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    terryfossil 1
    Thanks mate,if you left anything out i will never know about it,,i get the gist,it is a hell of a rifle,that's quite as a mouse,recoils as soft as a pussy,no headlights when she spits,see's in the dark like a cat,and folds away to fit the suitcase..was not hard to figure the small mag,,big,big,big step up from a Winchester,,the yanks do make the occasional good thing..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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