OK we're headed out to Vegas again for the first anniversary of our friends wedding. I would like to try haggis but need to know what to look for. I'm sure there's many Americanized version's. So I would to try it as close to the authentic version as possible. Any help??....Roy?

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    You probably won't get the real haggis out there Dave, even in a Scottish themed bar or restaurant, we are sending a small can of haggis to CBs mother shortly, her Grandfather has already tried it (we sent some last year), he enjoyed it too, we can't send freshly made haggis to the States because it's not allowed so I'm guessing if you can buy it there it's probably made there unless they import the canned stuff, it's not the best but it's still pretty tasty.

    Some good info here...


    Thanks Roy I'll let you know what I find And also check the website out.

    I've come to a dead end out here Roy. I've checked with several Scottish, and English, Irish pubs/ restaurants. And I'm crazy. I personally think to sounds good... I will get some!

    Roy, do they have the dinki di haggis in scotland, the one made with sheep gut and all the other traditonal goodies in them.

    Of course they do Kent, all that nice sheeps stuff with oatmeal wrapped in the lining of the sheeps stomach, YUMMY! clue.

    Im sorry but I don't get the equation. Haggis = Las Vegas ? That's like saying Austin = Meat Pies. Explain yourself dear......


    You can find almost anything to eat out there. I've found several restaurants and pubs offering it online. Just really dont want an americanized version.We are at Detroit metro at 4am waiting to head out there. Time to try many new things. Any other suggestions?

    You can check this website when you get home:

    In Las Vegas, try these places:
    Cornish Pasty Co.
    953 E Sahara Ave
    Las Vegas, NV 89104 Phone number (702) 862-4538

    International Marketplace
    5000 S Decatur Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89118 Phone number (702) 889-2888    

    There are several other places, but these two sounded good to me.  :D



    Thanks Bob I haven't had much luck finding restaurants that serve it out here

    Let us know if you go to either of these and how the food was!

    JDB, do you have Continental shops in the states, they should have a Haggis Available, here in South Australia we have Scottish food available in specialised butchers run by Scots, they have Haggis, Black Pudding, White Pudding and Red Pudding as close as they can to the traditional recipe.


    Boy those Scots sure eat funny food. Maybe that's what makes 'THEM' so funny? :)

    Believe me Ducky, not all of them are Funny/
    terryfossil 1

    Hey Kent,i used to work in a meat works in the sausage house,where we would make black pudding,,i used to weigh up the product for whatever we were making, 1 batch of Black Pudding had 4 bags of blood in it,that's about 40 ltrs in one batch,sorry mate,i have never eaten Black Pudding since..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..yeah i know,,i eat with my eyes..


    Thanks for all the help. We did go to the Cornish pastry com. Had a very good lamb Shepherd's pie. No haggis. The international market had haggis 12 oz for $9.00 U.S. also got some Marmite. So when I get home time to try everything.

    terryfossil 1


    Don't worry Terry got Vegemite at home gonna have a taste test. They didn't have any Tim tams.... He said everyone asks for them but they come in all busted up and there very expensive.. I'll continue my search for them.
    terryfossil 1

    WHEWWW, had me worried for a minute there JDB..Let me know how that pans out..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Is it genuine Scottish haggis Dave?

    I'll check when we get back Roy its packed now, the market was unique. They had many different isle's. Each one from a different place. The haggis and Marmite came from the British section.

    If it says it comes from Stornoway you'll defo enjoy it, if it's genuine, they're black pudding is also the best I've tasted.
    Let me know.
    BTW, Marmite is an acquired taste, I like it too. :)

    Will do Roy. I though about the black pudding. And many other things there. But our bags are heavy enough now, I must be getten old, I'm whining to the wife that we need the luggage with the wheels on it.

    I just corrected a couple beer mistakes this might make more sense now

    Wheels always go with beer, it's a good thing.
    terryfossil 1

    Wheels are great guys,except when one breaks off,i had one break off in Europe,,so i exchanged one wheel from front to back,worked like a gem..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Sorry mate,apart from the fact i would not even try it,i like Ben,would not have a clue where to buy it,,i reckon Roy boy might be your best bet..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    You should try it Terry, a little spicy but delicious.
    terryfossil 1

    No thanks mate,i cannot even get my head around Tripe..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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