What else important happened on the day you were born?

    I'm filling out a Grandma Remembers for my grandchildren and one of the questions is "What we're the headlines on the day you were born?"

    All I could find was football standout,  Lynn Swan, was also born. Not big news then, either.

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    Wednesday, 22 February 1956


    It was Wednesday, under the sign of Pisces. The US president was Dwight D. Eisenhower (Republican). In that special week of February people in US were listening to The Great Pretender by The Platters. In UK Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford was in the top 5 hits. Doctor at Sea, directed byRalph Thomas, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1956 whileTen North Frederick by John O'Hara was one of the best selling books.

    Who knew?

    Or cared.

    terryfossil 1

    The birth of your life certainly inspired a lot of things to happen in that year..and of course i care,for only a King of the Fleas could accomplish something so great..i am honored to know you..

    I Care Ted,,

    ....Harry Truman was president 

    ....Dark Passages was a popular movie

    ....Smoke, Smoke, Smoke by Phil Harris was a popular song

    ....nothing was more important for me except for the next meal.

    This car rolled of the production line in 1951,,16 years later i bought one,FX-Holden""


    Properly the worst car GMH has ever produced, a scaled down version of an American model -- sorry Terry.
    terryfossil 1

    Kent,bit harsh old mate,say what you want about the FX,,but leave the FJ alone,i eventually bought one and i loved it,even the cops had trouble catching it,,falcon 500 white bucket seats,64 falcon dash and steering wheel,track rods that were illegal then but come off the production line with em,,,valiant ap5 tail lights ,rolled pans,total chrome motor down to the sump,149 motor ,shaved head,twin carbs, and extractors,spats over rear wheels,floor shift,,,Kent,that was my pride and joy,,if i had the money i would rebuild a copy of it and name it "Bluejay Two".worst car Kent,???for me,best car then and now,,and they are still around..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.

    Terry i was referring to a factory model not a chopped and channel modified FJ. :)
    terryfossil 1

    Sorry Kent,i felt obliged to defend my baby..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Explorer 33 was launched.

    Medicare goes into effect.

    The first colour television transmission in Canada takes place from Toronto.

    On this day September Wednesday 7th 1949, The Peoples Republic of China was formed, and Apartheid in South Africa became official Policy.      :)


    only one disasarter then,??

    I share a birthday with Sally Field and R. Nixon was elected on my b-day. My b-day often falls on election day.....

    My Mum had a pain in her belly,,


    More like 'A pain in the A@#s ' lol.

    Would help to know exactly what day I was born.


    Nobody ever tell you?

    Well I was born with one name , later given different name. I came from an adoption agency. Not really sure birth date. But it really don't matter to me. I've had a good life how I am. I have two different birth certificates.
    country bumpkin

    Oh, I understand what you mean now. :)

    Whyou were you given a second birth certificate. If they were issued in the same county, the document number may help you get the truth.

    Thanks anyway. Not sure if I want to know much more than I know now.

    Hey ma man!!!
    You might be 10 years younger than you feel.

    I doubt that seriously.

    "The angels got together."


    Wishful thinking.

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