can the engine start if there is no comprestion on one or two cylders

    i have set the vaul timeing and the grankshaft marks when starting it starts after a few turens but runs rough and cut out if you let go of pededl

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    I have  started and operated six, eight, and 12 cylinder engines without having things running smoothly but running the engine like that will destroy the engine mounting and internal parts because of the design of the engine.  

    if you valve settings are wrong and you firing time is wrong,,depending on how far out they are will be the difference of weather it starts or runs very rough,,either way not good,better to get the settings right..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..this link may help you out...

    I’m just a dumb girl but even I know that a car “missing“ will often cut out and will run very rough but the key word here is WILL RUN if started....

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