Paul McCartney in concert!

    Sir Paul is appearing here next month and, of course, the tickets were sold out in less than two hours. NOW, those "entities" that buy up multiple tickets and then scalp them are charging more than twice the original price.  One woman I know paid (up front) almost $600 for two tickets.

    QUESTION:  How much would YOU pay for a PRIME seat to see an icon like Sir Paul? 
                         Who would you pay THAT much to see/hear?

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    I would pay that much to see....


    Love them! Sorry but I would not go to see Sir Paul.

    country bumpkin

    Fantastic Group!
    In the late 70's my grandfather, grandmother, my two crazy aunts and me would pile up inside my grandmother's yellow Cadillac on Sunday mornings and jam out to FWM while driving to church. My ears are still ringing. :)

    (We listend to John Denver too.)

    I can't say how much I'd pay to see anyone. There are only a few people I'd pay to see, like: Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, and Barbra Streisand  Are there anti-scalping laws where you are? There are in NYC.


    Good question -sorry I've bought ready answer. Those 3 you mention would be great shows.

    I would pay an arm and a leg to see Elvis Presley if he were still alive. 


    You would be seeing an 80 year old man. He probably couldn't walk across the stage, let alone wiggle those hips! lol
    country bumpkin

    I would catch him if he falls! LOL

    You are kind. :)

    My mother-in-law saw him in Las Vegas and he was passing out kisses. When he bent to kiss her (on the lips) she turned away and ended up with a slobbery cheek. She could never explain why she turned...regretted it forever.
    country bumpkin

    Experience of a lifetime.

    One of her best, for sure

    Don't know that I'd like to see Sir Paul.  To much has changed about him. Ho hum. I wouldn't pay a fortune for anybody.  Maybe for a live performance,  like Broadway. What is top dollar anyhow? 

    ....we don't go because we don't appreciate being gouged.


    I gave my sons and their families zoo passes. For $55, family of 7 can go any time. Without, it would be $45 each time.

    The last time I saw paul I paid 27 Shillings & sixpence. That's $2.75 in todays lingo.1964 Festival Hall Brisbane.He had those other guys with him too.You know,John George & Ringo.


    That's hard to believe! $2.75....

    Yes but remember back then I was in my 3rd year of my apprenticeship making about 10 Pounds a week.(That's $20 in today's lingo).It was the cheapest seat I could get.Couldn't hear a damn thing for the screaming girls.LOL.It was good fun anyway.

    I paid about £1.00 to see the Rolling Stones at our local Playhouse back in 1964. That was a lot of money then though, I was only earning about £4 a week.

    Tom you were lucky to pay only $2.75 for The Beatles, here in Adelaide the ticket price was 10 pounds ($20.00), we had a special concert as they were not coming to Adelaide, a petition was sign by fans for them to come here, as Adelaide was deemed a waste of time, they got a surprise when they got here, 300,000 lined the road to Adelaide as well as outside their hotel, my brother paid for the ticket, i could not thank him enough, an experience i will never forget. :)

    Most of these shows are far too expensive nowadays. We went to see Callabro a couple of weeks ago in concert about 20 miles from us, they were the winners of Britain's got Talent 2015, they were very good, and the tickets were £40 each. They also had a young girl singer with them, she had a fantastic voice, she said that two weeks before she was working in an office in Northampton, they heard her sing somewhere and gave her a chance , that was a good choice made by them.  I wouldn't pay much more than that to see anyone now. I have paid up to £80 to see some bigger stars at Wembley in the past, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, The Three Tenors.


    You've seen some iconic groups and individuals!

    Sorry i have no time for Paul McCartney, as i understand so have most Scots.  :(


    Why is that?

    Emm, what?
    Not fond of him, but I do have the album Wings over America, pretty good stuff when it was in good condition, sadly I loaned it to a "friend" and it was never the same again.
    "MOST" Scots? Please explain.

    Romos, i been told by the Scots who live here,who obviously have relatives in Scotland that they don't approve of his antics as a laird, unsociable with his Neighbors, the resent him passing himseif as a Scotsman when he was born in England, you live there is there any truth to this.

    That's a lot of "sh*T" really, we were only ever peeved at the friggin song.....
    Hated it, and yet it made No1 for a long time.

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