i believe in fairys does anyone else?

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    Of course I believe in faeries, i escape to their land whenever i feel bad :)

    ok double helix, i was just joking about tinkerbell. i do believe in all the fairies. i'll meet ya there. i'm the one with pink wings and little bells on my ankles and wrists.
    a girl fairy. and you?

    I am the one with blue/aqua coloured wings, with blue eyes, dark, black, long hair.
    I'll be wearing a torn out navy singlet, with torn out black shorts above my knee by 2cm.
    I'm also called doublehelix in that land, just ask for Dh, they'll tell you exactly where i'll be :)
    The plural of the word fairy is fairies.

    Children enjoy fictional stories about them.
    Yes, there are thousands of them, they usually inhabit Gay pubs & bars etc.

    That's the other way to take it :-)

    Ian would know being a flamer himself. How's your boyfriend Ian?
    Ian, you beat me.
    When my son was about 6 years old, we were sitting in the back patio my wife too, it was a warm summer night in Ohio, there were hundreds of fireflies (lightning bugs for you rednecks)Ther were flying around like little green emeralds flashing on and off.. My son said 'mommy what are the lights??" she said they were little fairys - you can chase em and catch them if you want but don't hurt em.."

    So he had a jar and he ran around the yard chasing fairies and putting them in his jar, he was so happy laughing and jumpung up and catching them, after about an hour of this, he got tired and was staring at them really engrossed, after a few minutes, I looked over at him and he had taken them out of the jar one by one and smashed them on the patio concrete..

    I yelled-- "What are you doing????? He said I'm killing them, fairies are GAY!!!

    And that my story about fairies...

    What a sad story. Who taught him that? I hope he's gotten over that illness.
    tinkerbell is the only fairy i believe in. SHE is real.

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