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    My sister just found out about Blinkhealth dot com after she found one of her medications increased five fold. For those of us that have been stung by the high deductibles caused by Obamacare, this "pay online and pick up at your pharmacy" service can save a lot of money. Check it out. It reduced my sister's one prescription from $56 to $10.

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    Sorry mate, all my health care is free on the National Health Service, saved my life twice so far, worth a shot if you ever get the chance, don't listen to the sayers of doom.


    Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for it through taxes etc. Obama claimed ours would be cheaper with Obamacare but deductibles which once were about $500 are now about $5000 or higher.

    We ALL pay for it here, it's called National Insurance, comes of your earnings or benefits at source, it is aligned to everyones earnings, just a thing similar to a tax, but it's a deduction that you don't mind given the REAL price of medical care. Our employers also pay into it as a percentage of the employees earnings. Works well here.

    This sounds like a good deal Flip.

    More information about Blink Health here>>

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