What are your views on the 'Brexit' issue?

    My opinion is that if the UK was to leave the European Union it would be a disaster.

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    Tell us why it would be a disaster.

    The UK does 50% of its trade with other EU countries because of trade treaties. These would have to be dismantled and the UK would become like Norway which is outside the EU but has to pay to trade with it.

    44% of our exports go to the EU, but 58% of our imports come from the EU. This is just one example of how they need us more than we need them. 99% of our laws are made by the unelected European Commision , far more serious than any of this we have open boarders which allow any Tom Dick and Terrorist to come in and out. Just a few reasons to not worry about coming out of this dictatorship.

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    I'm all for the European Union, not very often I agree with David Cameron.


    I'm backing Boris.

    If we vote to leave the EU it will split the UK, Scotland will definitely go independent, we rely on the markets of Europe, I get your point about wanting out Dave, but all it will benefit is the SE of England, nowhere else in Britain can profit if we're out.

    Well I will still buy your Aberdeen Angus Beef, it's the tastiest that I've ever had.

    Could be even more expensive though. And the oil might go up a wee bit too, not to mention "Britains" biggest export, WHISKY!

    Many of us need all the friends we can get.


    They don't really like us Bob, the French certainly don't, the Germans don't really trust us, the Greeks & Spanish , sleep most of the day. The Italians are the friendliest, and the Dutch are nice people. And of cause non of them really have a sense of humour.

    All to true sunny Iron Knickers and the French want to keep out of imposing thier laws on the U/K.

    There is an interesting history among you all, that is for sure. The French don't like anybody, do they? I have traveled to Europe twice, and both times, the French were exceptionally rude and unfriendly

    Edief Piafe ,and thank heavens for little girls were alright i suspose,,

    They are run by an unelected rabble called the European Comission , and most of the time they pay themselves the Comission.
    And yes Dennis they can stick their Frankfurters and French letters, we don't need them.

    I think the European Union is an expensive club which we don't  need, they are a dishonest,  corrupt,  bankrupt  bunch of toe rags,  we would be no worse off out of it. But it won't happen they will see to that.

    When i have been on holidays in Europe we have asked people we have run into what they thought about the EU,,and i did not run into 1 person who supported sounds like it was a bad mistake in the first place,and a mistake that cannot be reversed,,Even our politicians are saying it would be not good for Australia if anyone drops out of the EU,,we have done amalgamation of councils in Queensland,and it does not work,,i would think amalgamation of country's would be an even bigger problem,maybe someone can see a light at the end of the tunnel..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    Before we joined this corrupt bunch, we used to buy meat and butter from New Zealand , we don't do that anymore. If we weren't in the EU we would do more trade with your part of the world, and America,India,Japan. And we would still trade with Europe, many countries that are not members of the EU do business with them, it makes no difference.. And, we wouldn't have to pay them the £20bilion a year we pay at the moment ,just to be a member.

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