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    They protested to keep a refugee kid in Australia,after she was brought over from Nauru detention to hospital for burns treatment,now these idiots are protesting to keep the kid and family in Aussie,,they are going to cause more kids to get hurt,because if this succeeds,the refugees in Nauru will purposely hurt their kids to gain entry to Aussie,,like they did when they were coming by boat,,what do you guys think.."" This cost millions to build after they burnt what they already had in riots..

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    I drove past the protest twice.They were almost throwing themselves in front of my car.Bloody idiots.

    The mother is under suspicion of deliberately burning little Asher.It makes you wonder.


    Many years ago I worked with "special ed" elementary kids at P.E. time. One of two sisters had been badly burned as a toddler when her dress somehow caught on fire and her mother pulled it over her head to take it off, which caused severe 3rd degree burns to her face and upper torso. You do have to wonder.
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    The stories you hear from the media are generally half baked,i have guniune facts,that they will definately hurt their own family to gain entry to Aussie,,they try to get 1 member of their family in,,and then in come the rest of them,,

    From experience, I have become quite cynical about human behavior.  Case in point would be the green card farmworker working in the vineyards who purposely cut off his own finger so he could receive permanent disability benefits, which he did.

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    The lengths people will go to , to achieve their goals are endless Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I believe that in India it is not uncommon for poor people to deliberately mutilate their children so that they can be used as 'bait' for begging.

    Do not ask me, I'm all for amnesty, at least here. America wouldn't be if not for immigrants. What do we say now that we're already here? "Nanny. Nanny Boo Boo, I was here first so f***you?" What isn't realized is that any forefathers that hot here before 19twenty something were undocumented.......


    It's all in how you look at it. My ancestors had nothing to do with taking land from the Indians, nor did they ever own an African slave.
    I want my country and my family, in particular, safe. For some reason, you don't see the problems with open borders and blanket amnesty in today's world. People want you dead. Looking away as they've entered illegally isn't going to change that.
    It has nothing to do with "Nanny, Nanny Boo Boo".

    How you look at it? What does never owning a slave or taking land from the Indians have to do with amnesty? And you can’t know the all about your ancestors, especially if they have been here for generations undocumented…….

    Well, Julie, first of all, my ancestors HAVEN'T been here for generations, nor undocumented. I am a second generation American. You brought up the "I was here first", and I would like to point out that MY ancestors came here LEGALLY. I would appreciate it if others did likewise, as I am not in favor of anarchy.
    "America" was claimed by the British, and the French, and the Spanish, etc. and these countries, as well as dozens others, had been battling each other and claiming land all over Europe, Asia, and Africa for centuries, and it didn't matter to any of them who was already there. Just because they crossed an ocean doesn't make it any different here.
    Almost NO place would be ANY place if not for immigration.


    BINGO nothing, Julie, if it's not regulated. Please take some time to read this article:
    Certainly, there are too many criminal acts from US citizens; no denying that. I don't understand why you insist on inviting criminals to criminally hustle over the borders and take up residence next door. AND, don't tell me most of them aren't criminals....if they are here ILLEGALLY, it's a crime.

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