43 years in solitary confinement.Cruel and unusual or what?

    Albert Woodfox has been released after 43 years in solitary for a crime for which he has never been convicted. 80,000 others are in solitary. Is this constitutional or cruel and unusual?

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    Closed confinement seemed to keep the Black Panthers quiet, not a bad thing in that environment I think.

    Woodfox and two others were convicted of murdering a corrections officer while already in prison. That seems a reasonable sentence for such a conviction.

    In 2015, the conviction was overturned and Woodfox was released. 

    I believe you may have asked this same question previously. 



    Yes, you are correct, but that was before he was released. 43 years solitary reasonable? Think about it.

    I did think about it. The man was already in prison. He and two others were convicted of murdering a corrections officer. Do you put a man convicted of murdering a corrections officer (aided and abetted by two other prisoners)in a general population after an incident like that? What are you supposed to do? You separate him from the GP to prevent THAT from happening again. He took a man's life! THAT man and his loved ones don't get a reprieve. Think about it.

    Worth reading the Wikipedia entry on this man. His conviction was overturned but he remained in reclusion, possibly because he is black and an activist.

    I shall do that

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