Have you ever had such a scary approach before landing? I've flown exactly like this into St. Maarten, where this was shot.

    Maho Beach, Saint Martin

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    NO but some years ago I took a small charter plane out of Block Island RI to Point Judith RI in a blizzard the pilot couldn't find the runway that's how bad the weather was even the ferries were cancelled ! After about 45 terrifying minutes we landed perhaps the scariest plane trip of my life !



    I don't think I would want to sit on that beach either. You wouldn't be able to hear yourself read, or sleep. Although, no one would hear me snoring either.

    Someone just got killed.

    country bumpkin

    What a shame.

    We landed in south america once,the plane has to practically drop straight down over the mountains then level out to land.i think it was Arequipa..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Image result for arequipa altitude

    2,328 metres


    The city is located at 2,328 metres (7,638 ft) of elevation above sea level, with the lowest part of the city being at 2,041 metres (6,696 ft) above sea level in the area called Huayco Uchumayo while the highest is located at 2,810 metres (9,220 ft) above sea level.

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