American Politians.

    Not to just pick on USA politicians..this could be any politicians in any number of countries,,but it is explained by Americans..2 very explanatory true as true can makes you ask the question,,Why would you vote for any of them???????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..  >>>>><<<<<;list=PLguBRO721Mbnj5tLX79Q5h5sm42Eh9KMQ&amp;index=5

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    No, I couldn't vote for any of these entertainers, any more than I could vote for an investor who claimed bankruptcy on multiple projects and purchased junk bonds to back a loan he vowed he would not do. 
    Nor could I vote for a candidate who literally barks like a dog during a campaign speech, regardless of the colorful homily she's telling.


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    I did not mean the entertainers Bob,but rather politicians in general,,i think car salesmen are rated above politicians these days,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<..

    Sorry, terry, read your question wrong late last night.
    Politicians are trying to sell themselves, and most of their products are unreliable.
    terryfossil 1

    On the money Bob..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    ....once they stop lying, they start starving.



    Politicians make a lot of promises based on their apparent lack of information. Once they are in office, they begin to realize that their 'great ideas' cost a lot of money. Things don't get done as promised and they are now looked upon as dishonest. Some really are....some are not.

    I'm very proud of my right to vote and take it very seriously. However, I'm at such a loss as who to vote for. If I vote at all it won't be for the individual but rather their ideas. And still I'm not sure.  By the by, Terry, I wasn't much of a fan of the production of THE BEST LITTLE etc.

    terryfossil 1

    Great comedy musical JH,,2 very good actors,,>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    terry fossil the reason i am going to vote for somebody is because in america we are ruled and governed by laws.  look at places all around the world, corruption reigns. our politicians might be this and that but at least, we the people, demand things be pretty fair and relatively honest. our system is darn good from my perspective. i'm a social critic and could, and do, complain all the time about politicians, so we better vote to correct some of this political nonsense going on.  at least we can vote and not get shot or head cut off because we voted or spoke about our viewpoint.

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