14/2/2016 50 years anniversary of decimal currency in Aussie

    For those that do not know,,the small coin in the middle is the old " THREEPENCE"...YEEESSSS they have brought it back. it looks like they have put it on the back of a 10 cent piece..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..""

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    Can't see the middle one.????

    Romos, Terry is referring to the small coin within the 10 cent, the one with Queenie's head. :)
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    just under the queens head Roy,there is another little coin with Australia written on it,,that was our old Threepenny piece..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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    Is everybody comfortable with the decimal system for currency?  We have never been much for metric here...I think it's like learning a new language.  I may be able to speak, read, and write elementary French, but everything processes as English in my head.


    The USA basically has the decimal system for currency ie: 1cent is 100th of a Dollar, same as 1pence is 100th of a pound, now millimetres , centimetres & metres are a whole different matter,

    The metric system is easy, everything is in powers of ten far easier to work out in the head than the old imperial system, USA must be the only country that has not gone full metric.

    I think you're right about that, BM.

    Romos, I understand my currency, lol.

    Just showing the similarities P.

    I remember the first time I was in GB and my dollar was worth 2.2 pounds. Made no sense to that 16 year old

    CB still can't get her American brain round the exchange rate, everything is relative per say.

    It would take me years.

    Remember it well, NOT.

    I do remember when we went decimal, we were taught all about it in my last year at school,1970, I find it quite funny now that even some of the over 50s can't remember the old coinage, an age thing I suppose, I'm getting my photo taken for my free bus pass tomorrow, definitely an age thing. I loved the Brit thrupenny bit.



    Romos, Roman numerals or latin wording, hav'nt seen that before on an British coin, i notice it has the head of King George VI,wonder who's head is next, Charlies or Willies, not that i care. :)

    I have a box full of them Ted,
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    Why would you remember it Roy,your much to young..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I was 10 in 1966, I remember quite a lot, England winning the World Cup for one.
    terryfossil 1

    I take it you mean soccer Roy,,in 1966 i had never even heard of soccer,,<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>..

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