Chewing Gum..???????

    Just an observation folks,,i was watching tv,,and there was this big copper walking in front of Bill Cosby heading for court,,he was a high ranked cop,,walking along chewing gum like a Al Capone mobster,,i do not think our cops in Aussie are allowed to chew gum on duty,,,is it permitted in America..????????>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

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    I'm having trouble finding a definitive answer. The officer you saw should not have been chawing away like that under any circumstances. In our courts, chewing gum is prohibited, period.

    Is this an akaQA mystery that will never be solved? I hate when that happens. It's important! lol

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    I'll do some checking on that. Certainly I've never seen teachers chewing during class or other professionals who interact with the public. It's something I do almost every day to keep my esophagus moist and stomach acids down, but it always goes into a trash can when I'm done and you don't see me chewing it like a cow chewing cud. I'd like to throttle folks who just spit it out wherever.


    Very upsetting to find that, on the bottom of a dress shoe! Ugh.

    Yes, very.

    I don't know about America, but I've never seen that here, in Canada. I used to chew gum myself, especially at a hockey game but stopped after dislocating my jaw last fall, during a yawn. One of the things on a list of no-no's for those who suffer TMJ, is gum chewing. I do think that chewing gum looks terrible anyway.    :(

    I think chewing gum is a disgusting habit, its as bad and smoking. And worse still the pavements are covered in it over here. Although you would never see a police Officer chewing on any.

    Terry, the gum chewing is not a good look, it is slack.

    James notes that the rookies chew gum. I myself have never noticed. But I don’t believe we have any rules against it…….. I just hunted, nothing on it except do they chew tobacco?


    Are these the rookies on the continents or the islands?

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha
    terryfossil 1

    The guy i seen on tv JH was not a rookie,he looked like he was a higher ranked cop,,going by his uniform..i think that is the guy,is he a ranked cop or Rookie??????>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    He looks high ranking and too relaxed, like chewing gum is a front or else he doesn't care for the man he's protecting.....

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