Bottled water or tap?

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    Bottled if I'm on the run somewhere, filtered tap at home (usually with a bit of lemon).....

    ""The photo is of the one we bought,they are great,the Brisbane water is crap,,but we moved to Buderim and the water is better,but we prefer to keep using the Ceramic Filter...


    Foster's is probably even better. Right?
    terryfossil 1

    Fosters Clonge,,????i am a Queenslander mate,no self respecting QLD would touch a Fosters,,however there is a reason why xxxx gold is number 1 in Aussie let alone Queensland, have a bit of a read old mate...>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    There used to be commercials on U.S. TV : "'s Australian for beer, mate."
    terryfossil 1

    Hey,they are also saying Aussie is one of the safest places to holiday,,do not believe all commercials...i once met an American on a cruise down the Rhine,and he said he would "love to go to Aussie,but it is so damn far away">>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Clonge, Fosters is lolly water, no one that i know touches the stuff; as for xxxx, it's virtually the same, Tassie's James Boags or South Aussie Coopers a true Man's Beer, i drink Pure Blonde myself. :)
    terryfossil 1

    G'day Kent, check out my link in my comment to clonge,,i think you will find xxxx to be the big seller,,keep in mind i am a Queenslander and a bit one eyed,,anyhow i worked at Renmark about 45 years ago in my drinking days,and i am not sure but i think the 2 main beers was West End and Southex,but the only thing close to Southex is Southwark,have i got that right.????..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    My tap comes from a well 140 feet below ground. Run it through a ultraviolet disinfection light, a 4 foot tall carbon filter tank,  then a water softener, then an reverse osmosis system, then an alkaline mineral filter. Great tasting . Never have ever ran out of water.

    terryfossil 1

    Zorro, anything left of the water after running it through 6 filtration system's,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    The alkaline mineral filter puts the good stuff back in. Get water tested once a year. Really good system ,good quality water. There are more oil wells , fracking, salt water disposal areas around here. No contamination though. Have not ever heard of it either. Problem in areas is where these dirt farmers are sucking the water out of the ground at 600 gallons a minute just to grow cotton.

     Before moving to Scotland I only drank bottled water but now I drink tap water only.

    Explanation:  The town in Texas where I grew up has repulsive water. It is off coloured, smells like a mixture of dead fish and bleach and has white floaters which settles to the bottom of the glass.

    The water from the tap here in Scotland is clear and odorless with no visible sediment. In my opinion, the water in the region of Scotland where we live tastes just as good as bottled water if not better.

    Funny story: I sent ROMOS a sample of my hometown water to taste while we were videoing one evening on Skype and he almost puked. LOL

    From the tap and into this...


    Brita filter pitcher.

    I drink tap water via a Pura Tap filtering System.  :)

    In Finland it is absolutely tap water.

    terryfossil 1

    Gidday Woolget,welcome to AKA,,from Australia...hope you hang around awhile,would you mind telling me how you found this site,,see ya..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Tap water, Scottish water is the best I've EVER tasted and I've been around the world quite a bit.


    Exaggerating a bit,Roy, i have tasted that water. LOL.

    You probably experienced the "city" water Kent, mostly it's very very good quality.

    No, i was joking Roy, it tastes like spring water, any water would be good compared to Adelaide's hard water, foreigners can't drink it. :)
    terryfossil 1

    I put a bore down on my property at Esk when i had it,,the water was so pure,the electrician that put the pump down the hole could not get a reading on his meter,,it was being filtered through a coal seam and a sand seam,,

    Where CB comes from in Texas their water is always cloudy out of the tap, I wouldn't even shower in that s***.

    Are you spinning a yarn Terry.
    terryfossil 1

    ridgy didge Kent,,i bought my 10 acres off the guy next door who also had 10 acres,,when he found out i had pure drinking water,he never spoke to me for the next 7 years i lived there,,he went and put a bore down twice the distance and money than i did and got stink water that he could only give to his horses,,

    At this very moment, bottled.  Most often, bottled. 


    I bet you have it with you at the bowling ally,

    once in a very great while, I'll have a beer (usually something more "robust" than Budweiser) or a diet Coke/Pepsi.
    Are you up late, or up early?

    up early,8-35 am here,

    Nearly 1a.m. here when you wrote that! Now it's about 8 a.m. here

    Bottled, or through a filter tap at home.

    I Drink bottled water out of a tap filtered through one of my old socks,


    Flavoured water .




    Romos, the Texas water must be straight from the Dam, no filter at all or does it come straight from the 'Rio Grande'.

    I think it's recycled Kent, you're lucky I read most comments, still having trouble with your Mac?

    Roy, i have tried all the ways members have suggested and others, eventually i will get it, as long as i remembered how i did it, Thanks. :)

    From the well, In the house it runs through a water softener then through a carbon filter In the fridge. I personally like the outside tap, Its unfiltered has a totally different taste too it.s much better in my opinion. If its unfiltered in the house it has so much iron that the sinks and toilets turn red with rust. there's so much gas in it that you can fill a gallon mike jug and hold a match on top and it will have a glow to it. also the wife didn't believe me when we were first married that it was gas.  I held a match to the open faucet, when it started spitting I had flames two feet high. She said some words I can't put on here... Other than that if I drink water from a bottle it usually has a little hops or corn or and other added ingredients in it. 

    I live in the country and have a well! I use the well water for everything except if I want a drink of water --- It's in a bottle!



    Scotch Whisky is made from pure Scottish water, it's the same stuff that comes from my taps, DEELISH, do you ever envy other countries because of this or maybe you don't give a f**K?

    The Pigion has its tail back now clu,will have to set it free soon,my other birds will miss it ,and ive got use to it as well.

    It needs to fly Dougal, it's mates are waiting for it in Trafalgar Square!

    Will it be safe do you think Ted,as i think its a young one,

    Most of us give a great big f*** about the pollution and corruption that permeates our society. Many times I've expressed a concern to some self-serving politician who bought his job. Not one has bothered to try to do anything.

    What's safe Dougal? It has to take the chance, if you don't think so, keep it, if it's happy enough!

    you are right it needs to be with its mates ,and be a dad,or mum,i guess,

    Sorry P, not quite what I meant, I was just wondering if anyone ever gave a thought that other countries have natural resources to hand or mouth, so to speak, there are still many countries in this world that are water starved, but money NEVER seems to make a difference.

    Our newspapers and newscasts devote a page or a minute to peaceful places and people, focusing on murders, corruption, scandal. We know there are pristine places elsewhere, even here, but unless we make a personal, concerted effort to learn about other places, people, and their lives, we're going to go through life without a clue. What I don't know about the needs of others is staggering

    An example of this might be the Flint,MI. water ! Full of lead1 This is a big issue right now in MNOTW!

    Make sure the water you drink contains fluoride.

    terryfossil 1

    Queensland is not to keen on it ,,me either,that is why i have a water filter,,,>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    My dentist actually stopped giving fluoride treatments a few years ago. Too controversial.

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