Just bought Hearth Trends Dresden Infared portable heater w fireplace. Heard it was "whisper quiet" Making so much noise it wakes me up (kind of a whine). How quiet should an infared fireplace heater be expected to be? Thanks

    Only sold at Walmart as far as I know

    Cost:  about 142.00 with one yr manufacturer warranty

    I can still return/replace it at the Walmart (90 days for that)....Seems to have gotten louder over time and the high setting is louder than the low setting. I don't think it's normal for it to be this loud but I've never owned an infared heater before. Otherwise, nice product. Flame looks real

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    I cannot find any manufacturer contact information, so I think you'll have to go back to Walmart to get your questions answered. I've personally found that any item like this or air conditioners (for i.e.), are always much louder than promised.

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