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    Some statistics to ponder about our website. 

    Almost 11700 more USERS than QUESTIONS here on akaQA?   I don't understand.  Did we have that many people sign up and do NOTHING? 
    Average number of questions per user =  .97 questions per user (less than 1!)
    Average number of answers per user = 1.51 answers per user . 
    Average number of answers per question = 1.55 answers per question.

    Our top four contributors combined have answered 168899 times, which is almost 25%.

    What conclusions can you come up with from these statistics? 
    If I have made some mistakes in calculations, please let me know and I'll edit this part. Thanks.



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    The users are calculated from visits per question, sometimes questions are "viewed" hundreds of times but may only have a few answers, I wouldn't put any trust in any of these numbers.


    Why would one not calculate the number of users by the number of individuals who have "signed up"? I know we've had several double-entry types, but certainly not 11,000+?

    When answers are displayed on Googles pages the person who clicks on the akaQA answer doesn't need to sign up to view the answer, therefore that person is counted as a user, I've already clicked in to this question 4 times already, adding to the number of "views".

    Thanks for clearing up how we got so many more users. It doesn't sound like a very good way to keep valid records at all (in my opinion); of course, in the big scheme of things, this doesn't even show as a blip on the radar.

    To complicated for my country bumpkin brain to calculate.

    168,899..Dang that's a lot of questions for four people to answer. 

    Thanks for the information.

    ' Very Interesting'  :)

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